MP’s salary

Posted: December 13, 2011 in big pay rise, MP, parliament

At a time when most of us are feeling the pinch it is amazing that MP’s are confirmed to have received pay rises equivalent to double the average male earners pay rises. A link to the article in the Daily Mail which I don’t usually read.–twice-fast-average-earnings.html
When I accessed this article I noticed another where the MP’s are trying to reinstate the second home allowance as providing value for money. This is unbelievable. My pay has stagnated for years, my pension is being reduced, I am being made to work longer for less. I am fortunate that my working conditions are good but I am constantly expected to do more with less. There is no overtime to be paid but I have more work that I am expected to do than I can achieve in 8 hours. The most depressing thing is that I know that I am more fortunate than many people in the country.

  1. Wudewasa says:

    And then of course our Members of Parliament say they care about the old and infirm, the legislation is so badly drafted it does not allow, according to the CPS, prosecution against those who profit from the misery of the old and the infirm but we can prosecute the workers, nurses and carers who earn little but the profiteering owners and companies get off scot free regardless of how many old people are abused or die.

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