Justice and fair play … what’s that

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Justice and Fairplay
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It seems to me that there is a lot of hot air being vented by the powers that be about seeking justice for the good folk of the place I live and work in. Surely, in order to instill a sense of justice and fairplay in those that are to enforce the law they should be fairly treated themselves. I am not here talking about the wider public being unfair in their criticism. I am not even talking about the diminishing resources deployed to the Police or the way our beloved leaders are taking our benefits from us. Reducing my pension, removing overtime payments (I don’t actually want overtime, I want to go home at the end of my day not do another 8 hour day on top of the one just worked). No I am talking about the honesty and integrity of those put over us to manage. The lack of sense of fair play, the inability to deal with employees as people rather than resources to be shoved around like some rag doll.

If officers are not treated with respect how can they be expected to, in their turn treat others with respect. The public deserve better than the service they get. Even those who break the law. I am here talking about what the majority of right thinking people would consider criminals. Not those who fail to wear a seatbelt, nor those who excercise their democratic right to protest. They should be treated with respect and courtesy, but so should the hardened criminal. It matters not whether the criminal is a serial shoplifter stealing thousands of pounds worth of goods or a murderer. They are people and human beings and should be accorded a level of courtesy and dignity.

The way I have seen colleagues treated and the way I have been treated recently, are beyond the pale and such behaviour meted out by a ‘supervisor’ can have a knock on effect. To my shame I dealt with a prisoner without the respect I would normally accord that individual. I reported this to a more senior supervisor who felt that sometimes such behaviour was appropriate.

It is my humble view that treating people without respect can never be appropriate. However, if those in charge say such things often enough is it any wonder that they ‘normalise’ such behaviour.


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