The British Police respected worldwide?

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Police
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Doorstaff waiting to be recruited as G4SPolice Officers‘?

The British Police are often hailed as the best in the world. Other countries come to the UK to see how Policing is carried out. They even make documentaries about this. The current government appear to pay lip service to this view while bringing in US experts to help with ‘gang culture’ to much fanfare. This would seem to be a good idea, taking experience from wherever you can get it. But do I want to be policed by gun toting ‘good ole boys’ with big nightsticks and scant regard for the public at large. Now it seems the government have decided that G4S ought to be given the opportunity to run its private army of Security police. The BBC report on the subject seems to suggest that these low paid security type guards will absorb most functions of the Police, community patrol, response, investigation, running Police Stations (and building Police Stations) but not being able to arrest people.

I see a time rapidly approaching when G4S, using low paid workers, runs the nations constabulary. Each ‘Police’ area will probably be left with a handful of proper Police Officers just to arrest suspects. All the while the directors of G4S and their friends (anyone in the government I wonder?) line their pocket.

Theresa May and her chums can give themselves a pat on the back, the guarantee of another directorship when they leave Parliament with a massive pension paid for by ‘we the people’.  There will doubtless b ‘fringe benefits’ for cosying up to another corporate body. In the event the experiment does not work and the council estates and town centre’s descend into chaos and violence will they care. Of course not, they can retire to their gated communities with their armed G4S bodyguards who will ‘Protect and Serve’ their masters. We all, I am sure, have seen or heard of out of control door staff. Does the government think they will attract better quality people by calling themselves something else. The self image of most door staff I know is one of steroid taking iron pumping bully boys. The private security industry is littered with ex soldiers (they all seem to say they are ex SAS!) frustrated soldier / police wannabe’s. If they are not able to join the Police / Army for whatever reason, why does the government think they will make good surrogate Police?


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