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It is not often that I find myself in agreement with the big chunks that have risen, inevitably, to the top of life’s cess pit. However, I recently read that a senior UK Police Officer was talking about the new idea to contract services out to security companies. Whilst I personally would dismiss that as unworkable tosh, he did say something which struck a chord.

All Police forces maintain major crime teams used to investigate murders and the like. Of course there are not murders every day (this not being television) so they get used for other stuff. What about having a fixed number of teams that cover the whole country. Dropping in on demand to oversee the investigation. That sounds a bit like what the Victorian Scotland Yard used to do. ‘Inspector, there’s been a murder! Call Scotland Yard.’

This can of course be expanded. I work on a Police Specialist unit. We are never used to capacity to deal with crimes within that specialism. We fill our days with investigations that could be undertaken by any officer. It would be far better to use our skills as a ‘fighting platoon’ as Lt Bromhead would have it.

Trouble on the North wall, send in the fighting platoon. This would generate certainty of process, standard procedures making officers inter changeable and a more complete understanding in the officers of the problems and complexities of the work. The result would be speedier investigation, more thoroughly carried at with timely file submissions to the CPS for decisions to charge.

It makes so much sense that I doubt any senior officer would agree.

  1. As you wrote on a previous post, (not in these words, I paraphrase) the public sector is not exactly renowned for using staff to everyone’s best advantage. The private sector isn’t much different however, but at least they can blatantly go all out for the money and exploitation.

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