Blogging is good for you

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Blogging is good for you
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It is really bizarre. I have never been a diary writer. I have tried twitter. I have tried Blogger. I have tried so many ways to write ‘stuff’. Perhaps it is the time of life, perhaps it is the way my work makes me feel. Perhaps the bully boys and nay sayers have finally got to me.

I like to blog!

I do not anticipate anyone else would be interested in my words. I have no expectation that I will be seen or heard across the ether. In some strange way WordPress satisfies a need I currently feel. I have no idea how long this will go on but I want to say:



To Word Press

  1. I never saw myself as a blogger either, but having now been into it weekly for the past 8 months, I see so many benefits in other areas of my life. I am able to get into creative writing (or any writing) so much easier now that I keep a regular blog and this has really helped with my efficiency in PR.

    • Stephanie, thanks for visiting you are officially my first! I don’t know why but this whole blog thing is strangely satisfying, it does however sometimes surprise me as my thoughts just kind of tumble out.

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