Roman Catholics and same sex marriages

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Roman Catholic Church
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I find it perverse that each time this august institution raises its head, there is always ammunition to shoot it down. I have read that the church are again partaking in the debate about same sex marriages. The Catholics are up in arms, at least the arms not wrapped around the nearest choir boy!

The Catholic church seems to be permanently out of step. Surely the good book says love thy neighbor, my neighbors all happen to be boys.

What a shame we cannot go back to the good old days of the inquisition, we could murder rape and pillage our way across society at will, as long as we wear priestly garb and talk Latin. The Pope is allegedly an ex Nazi, his church is grabbing fortunes from the poor and destitute. It refuses to help the impoverished by allowing birth control. It houses alleged child molester‘s retiring them off to ‘secure’ church backed accommodation.

Christ would, I believe be ashamed that he spawned such an instrument of unfairness, bigotry and discrimination.

  1. The Forage says:

    Omg, don’t get me started on the church or religion.:P What good has religion ever brough us?! Nothing! For something that claims to have an “all loving god” that’s not quite enough!

    This hate speech that’s being spewed (lately) in the US, attacking women and their health choices like abortions and contraception and pushing for all funding getting cut disgusts me!!

    • Religeon for all its expressions of love and hope has only ever brought grief and greed. In the States I understand the anti abortion lobby is vociferous and that a hard time is had by all the women who try to excercise their rights as human beings, this is disgusting. However, the action is overt and therefore visible so that right thinking people can challenge the outdated views. What disturbs me in the UK is the reduction in congregations, right thinking people voting with their feet to demonstrate their lack of ‘faith’. However, it seems the church is still able to excercise power at the highest levels. The government, consisting of wealthy out of touch with reality people, tugginh their forelock to appease the money grabbing organs of the church.

    • Couldn’t agree more. South America always strikes me as the best example of the rampant greed and unchristian behaviour of the catholic church. People live in abject poverty, die of curable disease and worship in churches dripping in gold. The wealth could be re distributed, it may not cure world poverty but would go a long way toward it. Even though I am not religeous (unless you count a belief in fairies) I can’t help wondering what Christ would have thought. I am sure I was once told about him turning over the tables of moneylenders. Doesn’t the Vatican have a bank?

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