A better sky?

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Sky
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Okay, I accept that the last image was less than inspiring. I was trying to get something out there as I hadn’t really written anything for at least 20 minutes. I have now exorcised that particular demon and so thought I would share this. Not taken today, but some little time ago. It is either a jet propelled balloon with its con trail, or it is what appears to be a heart shaped cloud with a pimple.

The day was warm and bright, I remember the chirupping of crickets (is that the noise they make?). Having spent the last 8 months in the cold and damp, it is England after all and the rain is what makes this ‘Green and Pleasant Land’, I long for a bit of sun and heat.

I am beginning to find that sitting in my polytunnel does provide a little extra warmth but my coffee mug still steams. I am hopeful of a full blown spring as some flowers are starting to show in my particular piece of eden. A small pieris and a few daisies is all it amounts to though. Give it time, soon it will be a riot of colour, if the wind and bugs don’t get there first.

  1. It is a very pretty heart I think, one of those think elegant ones, instead of the chubby types. It was also most naughty of me to be so flippant about the view of a spring day from your office and I am truly contrite.

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