A picture of spring domain my office.

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Spring
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Spring has, perhaps arrived properly. This time I did manage to take a very dull picture of a clear blue sky. At these latitudes we find such sights a bit of a novelty.

  1. I think this should be your WordPress photo of the week submission under ‘distorted.’

    a) it is from your office where you are leading a distorted life (etc etc etc about office lives)
    b) there is distorted blue sky, it is clear and blue and in the UK so ergo it must be distorted
    c) if you think that is a picture of spring … 😀 incidentally it looks a bit like loads of places I used to live.

  2. Distorted life doesn’t even come close …. blog to follow I feel.
    Blue sky, from somewhere else, lets hope it sticks around there may be a sighting of the Northern lights later, if the news is to be believed
    The most spring like thing I could see from my rabbit hutch where I turn input to output if you get my drift.

  3. Vicky says:

    Blue skies! they’re always such a talking point in the UK, do you think there is anywhere else in the world where they can hold such riveting conversation 😆

    • Nowhere one of the many things making this place so very different. Strangely since that post we have not had a glimmer of the merest blue only grey overcast, … its like Manchester. (I can say that I’m related)

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