I have just read that yet another review carried out by the mandarins in Parliament has determined that they know how to make the railways cheaper for passengers. Don’t get me wrong here. I would love cheap(er) rail travel. I am about to be transferred wig my job which will increase my costs 100%.

What motivates me to write today is the number of reviews conducted into public sector where the government identify cost savings and fiscal efficiency measures. Why is no such study carried out on the government. I know the civil service have been recently (and continually) reviewed but what about an independant review of the way MP‘s work. Pay them less and make them work. My MP seems to spend most of his time hauling his fat arsenal around the countryside. He has more jobs than I have ties and still gets paid full whack by ‘we the people’. How fair,  how just is that when the geieral population are still paying out for the bankers excesses?


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