Dark Long nights

Blank staring walls

Silence so loud

It rings in my ears

Dark somber days

Dull dirty walls

Noise slowly boiling

My head is vibrating

Sky grey overhead

Earth ‘neath my feet

Birds, sing, ecstatic

Silence and peace

Not sure about this but can’t just post stuff I am entirely happy with. If I did nothing would ever appear on my pages!

  1. Does it matter if someone enjoys reading it? Only thing I would change would be the title. It ends on a serene and positive note that the title belies. Of course, if you didn’t mean to convey that message …..

    • I’ll try to think of something to call it. It is, I think, about good stuff following not so good stuff. if someone enjoys it I am happy, if no-one reads it that’s fine. If someone can find sense in it then that is marvellous, and if someone takes the time to reply I am bowled over.

      Thanks for all your comments.


  2. tutankhamon61 says:

    That’s interesting. Sad, I think.

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