I see that the sad saga of MP Eric Joyce has drawn to its sordid conclusion at the Westminster Magistrates Court.


Image courtesy of the Romsey Advertiser

Mr Joyce who physically abused four people, obviously feels he is above the law. Mr Joyce told Police, ‘You can’t touch me, I am an MP.’ This clearly demonstrates the mind set of those who set themselves over population. They feel they are more important, better and in some sense far superior to the people who put them where they are.

Mr Joyce’s actions were disrespectful of the place he was in, offensive insulting and degrading to the people he assaulted, never mind the physical injury, and showed a complete contempt for the office of constable when it came to be time for his arrest. Did Mr Joyce feel contrition? No, he caused criminal damage at the Police station where he was detained. he confirmed the view held by many that MP’s would not know Truth if she stood on his toes by saying he had three or four glasses of wine to drink but was described as witnesses as ‘out of it’.

A former soldier (Army Education Corps so really a failed teacher then) Joyce was happy to mix it with several Tory’s. What a shame this MP was not met by those other sons of fun also known as MP’s


The Corps of Royal Military Police, would he have been so forthright in his violence then one wonders.

The most amazing thing in this tale of loutish behaviour is that Joyce has already announced he will seek re-election in 2015! Not only should his candidacy not be accepted, he should be disenfranchised now. ha I been found guilty of a similar offence my local Police authority would doubtless not only sack me but strip me of my pension and I would become all but unemployable in the world outside the pigpen. Justice, I think not.

Sadly, this behaviour also reflects badly on the sons of this blighted land who have been sent by their masters to do the unnacceptable in a land for the ungrateful. The news comes hard on the heels of the news of the untimely death of real soldiers who gave their lives for their comrades, their regiment, perhaps their country. They stood to when Joyce was demeaning everything they stand for.

Mr Joyce, be a man. Resign and take a long hard look at yourself.

  1. Good post. I suppose I need to look him up now (although he doesn’t sound like he merits my precious time) to see what he has been up to, apart from what your post says.

    That comment ‘…..I am an MP’ reminds me of the film, The Shooter, to which I know all the speaking roles should they ever remake it, due to my Partner playing it week in week out.

    ‘I, am a United States senator,’ says the very corrupt and disgraceful senator.

    ‘Exactly,’ says our hero, and does the inevitable 🙂 Not that I am into that sort of rough justice thing, but sometimes you do wonder. I suppose you can see why dictators end up so delusional. Power huh?

    I’m now trying to think of any MPs (Westminster not boys in uniforms) I’ve ever met who I thought were remotely adequate…..

    • Wouldn’t bother looking him up, insignificant little oik who got pissed slagged off the Tories in the strangers bar (is it possible to slag off a Tory? Lib Dem? Labour?) Took on four of them apparently then got told to leave the labour party. But if you wish …

      I shall now go and look up the shooter, think I’ve seen it but memory fails.

      I don’t think I am into rough justice, but I increasingly think I could make several exceptions. Thanks for the comment as always most welcome.

  2. OK. I gave in. I looked him up. I actually thought he was interesting. Well, sort of. But never mind anything else – WHAT ABOUT HIS EXPENSES?????? He must be in the Guinness Book of Records at least three times for those sort of achievements.

    I did read one tale that said he was now going to stand down in 2015 due to the ‘relationship’ with the young woman….

    • Interesting in the sort of way it is horribly fascinating to watch a praying mantis eat her mate? As for expenses, well don’t even get me started. There is a song called Arrogance Ignorance and greed (AIG) by Show of Hands. I think it expresses fairly accurately how I feel, not only about the bankers at whom it is aimed, but about politicians as well. I have never held particularly strong political views but have always felt the kind of person who wants to sit in Parliament is probably the last sort of person you would want to represent your views, or am I too cynical.

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