I hear that IDS (Ian Duncan Smith) the failed Thatcher replacement, is to champion families. For a government who like to reward performance, or where bankers are concerned the lack thereof, this could be amusing. Are they going to give families a bonus, and if so when. It could be when an engagement takes place, or on the big day itself. Perhaps when the first born arrives and each subsequent birth.

Silly me, I’m forgetting, the government want to reduce / remove child benefit.

Another thing that Mr Cameron would probably like to introduce would be the ability for state administered thrashings. Of course they probably already have these in the cabinet for all the old Etonian‘s. Wonder what Nick Clegg thinks of being Cameron’s fag, or is that from another public school?

I can almost hear the clamour as the cabinet ministers line up, Theresa May at the front of the queue and all the snivelling little wretches asking ‘Matron’ for a dose of her ‘special’ medicine for all those naughty little boys.

Until the likes of Cameron, Clegg and Milliband actually experience life on a budget (and I mean minimum wage budget) how do they expect to understand the poverty of the masses. In Cameron’s eyes there is probably a famine if Fortnum’s runs out of Pain au Chocolate and he can’t buy his favourite crate raised veal.




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