Hunter Gatherer

Posted: March 13, 2012 in food
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This is a picture of me, the missus and guide as we hunt down the food for the coming week. Banksy has perfectly captured how I feel about wasted time shopping. We, (us blokes) used to spend large portions of time lounging about in the sun, well not in Britain obviously, then when we got hungry we would pick up a spear or rock or whatever then go look for something to kill. Not that I advocate murdering innocent animals to feed us. After a bit of running about, stopping for a scratch and a chat pretending to look busy we would find some poor unsuspecting creature who was terrified to a standstill. Us guys would then sneak up on it, kill it, pat ourselves on the back butcher it and eat all the best bits. The hunters cuts. Whatever was left we would take back to the family, tell them how hard dangerous and taxing it all was.  We would then be provided with more food, fruits and nuts and really good stuff. We would then sit by the fire, fart and drink and have a high old time depending on the quality of the weed.

Move forward several millenia, we push the trolley obediently for our significant others. We scan labels hoping to see something we can recognise to engage in conversation to prove we don’t hate this. We have to be pleasant and polite, mind our P’s and Q’s, not pushing in queues and standing on one leg gazing through the large supermarket window at the great outdoors. Well the outside at any rate.

Which would you prefer? I would sooner kill and cook the trolley than spend one more minute ‘shopping’.

  1. Don’t. You have just reminded me I have to go to the SM. Have been putting it off all day too 😦

  2. Soya milk? Try provamel organic 🙂

  3. Vicky says:

    LOL, you’ve just conjured up images of loin cloth wearing men, spear in hand, ‘just off to the shop love’

  4. alisonamazed says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that the “high old time, depending on quality of the weed” vanished in the modern day scenario.

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