There has been an announcement of water shortages across the UK.Hosepipe bans etc.

The advice appears to be turn off the tap when brushing teeth, take very quick showers, bathe with a friend (quite like that idea actually) and put a brick in the toilet cistern.

I have done all this and more. I just find it staggering that the water authorities seem to think that by saying these things they can abrogate their responsibility, what about repairing the leaking pipes which waste thousands of gallons. As good as I am I probably save about 25% or less. This doesn’t amount to a hill of beans compared to the losses caused by poor infrastructure.

Don’t lecture me until your own house is in order.

  1. Actually I was wondering if we were going to be heading towards drought years here 😦 Serious shortage of rain this winter.

    I always turn off the tap when tussie peg brushing, learned that one years ago. I always take short showers unless I am washing my long hair, which necessitates a long shower. Don’t bath anymore. Toilets on short flush thing. No leaking pipes. Try and reuse all water at both places. But so remember antiquated Victorian piping in the UK. Anyway, not their job to provide you with decent water, theirs to provide their shareholders with good returns 🙂

    • Don’t understand, I have huge rainwater tanks, I still get charged for water going down the drain. Oh well I can live safe in the knowledge that somewhere someone has made a pile.

  2. ‘S all that matters. Someone needs to make a pile and preferably not you.

    I’m still in shock after reading the prices of the admittedly nice but extremely expensive menu at TaT. £7.50 for chips with truffle oil (which is synthetic, I know I’ve just looked it up). £15 on chips for two before you have even started. Just amazing….!!!! I need to go and lie down.

    I could write up my brunch today and put a price on it, trouble is I got it down my neck so fast I didn’t take a piccy 😦 I am sure I could get to at least £7 though 🙂

  3. Don’t go thinking I’m a banker or anything. The local paper did a deal two courses for two for £15, the wine will be costly but I can always drink water.

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