Terre a Terre Brighton

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have just returned from an evening of fine dining at Brighton’s premier vegetarian restaurant. Normally we do not eat out too expensive for a limited choice and anyway is it truly vegetarian?

However, Terre a Terre is a revelation. Lovely surrounding’s service just attentive enough, veggie and vegan availability together with a selection of decent organic wines.

Being an impoverished porker, we were able to enjoy this meal courtesy of the Argus newspaper who annually promote restaurants in their area with cheap (?) meals. The menu for this evening was Kibbi Tweet or Rosti Raj followed by a couple of desserts, a parkin and a vodka cherry thing with doughnut fingers and chocolate sauce type stuff.

Not really a sweet tooth dessert kind of guy but, mains really good. Desserts were nice and the coffee was really good. I would thouroughly recommend this to anyone in the Brighton area, might need to think about a re mortgage though.

  1. Er – where is the food? Your new career is restaurant reviewer won’t get too far without food pix. Even my dog manages to post food photos when he reviews restaurants 😀


    Did you only get a choice of two items? What on earth is Kibbi Tweet? Was that cos it was a cheapo? Still good though except I couldnt have been faffed with a dessert..

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