A funny thing …… Justice?

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

I can’t go into detail as the case progresses but:

At court yesterday, nasty case involving violence, threats, demands for money all that kind of thing. Victim young lady, very nice, itelligent, articulate and traumatised. Offender ‘hardened criminal’ sort. The young lady was able to get to court, plucked up courage to give evidence, which surprised the defendant with who she was acquainted.

In order to drag out the proceedings as much as possible defendant sacked his barrister and after most of the day arguing with the judge he claimed the right to defend himself. Victim in turmoil, can you come back tomorrow when we can start again.

Defendant has a chance to call his cronies to pay a visit … potentially.

If we had the European system rather than the quaint adversarial system we have in the UK this matter could have been dealt with yesterday. Not sure I am saying lets do away with British Justice entirely, although there does seem to be more wrong than right with it, but something needs to be done to protect those offended against.

Of course as a corrupt Police Officer who is always fitting the crims up I would say that. But often the victim’s I deal with daily seem to agree.

Funny old world.

  1. Vicky says:

    I’ve always thought it was far too lenient on the offender, talk about innocent until proven guilty, they must be talking about the victim there.

  2. Big believe in innocent until proven guilty me. should have stuck a comma in there I think. Not guilty me. Not a perfect system, but the theory is good. Speaking of corrupt police officers, I covered one case at Crown Court where a copper was being done for GBH. He got off. Hmmmm. No evidence either way apart from a load of injuries and police officer’s word against a local low-life. Now if the situation had been reversed….. and the low-life was accused of GBH?

    I know the system has also changed alot since I was assigned for court reporting though.

    • I never cease to be amazed at coppers who think they ‘can get away with it’. There are fewer now than when I started, the chancres who ruin what little goodwill there is. I have however recently been staggered by comments made by someone I had always respected. You never truly know anyone as well as you think.

      All I can do is stay honest, do my job and retire with my reduced Pension.

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