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Posted: March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I have returned to the bosom of my work family. I use the term loosely as I have never actually met any of these particular colleagues before. Well,  that is not strictly true.

After the turmoil of yesterday, going to court to deal with a case I knew nothing about. No lunch, no drink all day.

Today I arrived at my new workstation, an hours drive from home, to be greeted by news that it was someone’s birthday. Birthday celebration all go for breakfast.

I went, reluctantly, to the greasy spoon expecting very little. Actually the veggie breakfast was very good. No pics I am afraid but fried toms toast beans mushroom veggie sausage and hash browns. Not a Witt of fat anywhere. Good filter coffee all for less than 6 quid. (The boat house cafe Littlehampton)

While munching on my toast I felt the chap sitting next to me was vaguely familiar. We began to chat. Amazing, in 1975 we served in the same unit sharing the same accommodation block in Düsseldorf. Small world.

  1. Sounds good. Here in not so cheap Gib, Partner was paying at least a fiver for a decent breakfast out some three years ago. He paid a fiver for not so decent ones too (the ones where he sent back the eggs because they had failed to cook them as requested).

    You know those beans were full of sugar. Did you ask which tin they used and which sugar manufacturer, Detective Sugar??

    Did you both look 37 years older?? 😀

    • I didn’t feel I could raise too much of a fuss as it was my first day, spookily I also found out I am being moved in about three weeks so I can start all over. I did however reject eggs I will only eat free range. Mea culpa.

      I think he looked 37 years older, I like to think I have kept my boyish good looks and charm.

      How do I turn on emoticons? I thought I had but seems I haven’t. ;(

      • I think your emotions seem suitably turned on. Assuming you are hitting the correct buttons. To be serious Vicky sent me an ace linky to WP smilies, it’s somewhere under support. I may find it again.

        I don’t eat eggs out either. Unless they are FR

  2. Vicky says:

    It always amazes me how small the world really is, and how often paths that we walked years ago, are crossed by old and new acquaintances later in life

  3. alisonamazed says:

    One never knows who they will bump into.

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