Posted: March 16, 2012 in Army, RMP
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As a young man, before I knew better I went to serve in the foreign fields, some green forever.

This is me jumping for joy at a freedom, not to be since repeated.

I was with a bunch, of US Marines, Im Altenstadt Bayern

The cry we gave ‘Que Pasa’ replaced the usual Geronimo,

The main man being Chicano

  1. alisonamazed says:

    So you jumped once, and never again? Once was enough?

    • No completed the course became a Fallschirmjager de Bundeswehr. Unfortunately the military thought my skills lay elsewhere so we parted company.

      If I were young enough I would do it all again.

      • alisonamazed says:

        What is a “Fallschirmjager de Bundeswehr”. And are you working under cover in the blogosphere (like you’d make a public announcement! = there’s a clever blog post about that!)

  2. Rather you than me. Que pasa means what’s happening. Totally different to Geronimo. Didn’t you know what was happening??

    • Garcia, the main US Marine with us started the whole Que Pasa thing. It was kind of verbal tick. Where I come from, in the sixties we would greet friends by saying ‘swinging’ the response being ‘dodgy’. I have no idea why. Anyway, in Altenstadt que pasa just became a general greeting / moral boosting bit of nonsense. You would be, almost literally chinstrapped, weighed down by bergen and parachute walking hunched, marche canard the French call it. Suddenly someone would say Que Pasa. Everyone would laugh and feel much beter. Guess you had to be there.

      Btw, didn’t actually say it as you launch into space, too well trained for that. We had to count and check canopy. Once that was done and enjoying the ride Que Pasa floated through the skies into the still of a frosty morning as we floated like angels towards the snowy ground.

      Rough night? You commented at 01:46.

  3. German Army Paratrooper, no not working undercover, just like a moan, comment, constructive critique sometimes.

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