I was minding my own business, driving home through Englands green and pleasant land after a hard day’s detecting when an item sallied forth from the steam driven wireless in my car. It stopped me in my tracks. I mean I listen to radio 4 because it is aimed at those with a high persona IQ, people who have made their way in life, the upwardly mobile or recently arrived. The erudite, the truly well informed … and people like me.

The person being interviewed tried to say:

a) the 50p tax rate for those earning more than £100,000 per annum had not had the effect of driving people away from the UK (good)

b) The 50p tax rate really didn’t generate much income for the government (OK so why worry when the government do or do not get rid of it?)

c) The mooted mansion tax for people living in homes worth more than £2,000,000 would cause hardship because they were asset rich and cash poor (presumably they are then worse off than the rest of us who are asset poor and cash poor then)

d) The suggestion of revising the taxation rules to prevent people like Wayne Rooney only paying tax at 24% because of some wrinkle enabling him to say he is a corporation was a bad idea because there weren’t many people like him (1 I bet Wayne didn’t come up with the idea he was a corporation, 2 one of the interviewers pals probably made a packet suggesting to Wayne he should be a corporation or was it coconut? 3 The interviewer obviously knows nothing about footballers, moto gp stars, jockey’s, rugby players, tennis players (you get the idea my readers being all the things attributed to radio 4 listeners and much else)

When a Conservative MP suggested that perhaps the idea of government ought to be to ensure tax liability was paid in full by those entitled and those on a minimum wage for a full working week ought not to be taxed at all, the screams could be heard from Chelsea to Westminster.

I believe it is time the rich were taxed fairly. By that I mean we should all share equally in the hardship. The first speaker seemed to say that if you had loads of land, property, expensive wine or art then that should not be classed as wealth as it was not in instant readies.  However, if you live in a flat bought from the council and work in a dead end job at minimum wage you were better off and should pay.

Who does he think he was talking to, a 3 year old from some distant land who had no grasp of the English language?

  1. alisonamazed says:

    “Who does he think he was talking to, a 3 year old from some distant land who had no grasp of the English language?”
    Yes. Because that’s who HE is. 🙂

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