Peak Oil ‘The Nay Sayers’

Posted: March 19, 2012 in big society, environment
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Have apparently been at it again.

Why is it so hard for men of, presumably, higher than average intelligence to accept the reality. Is it actually easier to delude oneself into thinking ‘If I ignore the facts long enough I will change reality.’

The age of stupid should be compulsory viewing for every man woman and child on the planet. Politicians should be made to publicly acknowledge their lack of any understanding of the problem, their inability to effectively challenge the big corporations and their impotence on the large questions. Perhaps then we can ignore them and return to small scale local based economies that are sustainable.

  1. Age of Stupid sounds good but depressing. I like Pete Postlethwaite.

    That article is a class example of the sort of thing the film no-doubt discusses. ‘Yippee! Here is a nice solution that not only means we can all stop worrying about greedily consuming ever more energy, but it scores a double bonus of making America the most important, wealthiest and only country that matters in the world.’ (My interpretation).

    I’m not up on shale oil, but the critique sounded to hold water to me. There are no easy solutions. Oh yes there are. Just the one. Use less energy people. Nah, why would be want to do that? Too simple, and far too difficult. Can’t let the kids walk to school, too dangerous. Can’t walk to the shops because I can’t carry back all my pre-packed supermarket meals etc etc

  2. The film is quite depressing but then Franny had to get her message across. It is also inspiring, makes you want to go out and DO something good for the planet.

    I think shale oil is the rubbish that no-one wanted because it is too messy and costly to refine, oh … until the good stuff ran out.

    Stop building cars, don’t need more roads a win win. But I’ve been there already.

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