The plot today

Posted: March 19, 2012 in allotment, food
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Today I spent a couple of pleasant hours at the allotment. It was warm,  sunny an a joy to be out in the fresh air.

My Horseradish has disappeared but broad beans are poking through as are peas,  cabbage, beetroot and radishes. My soft fruit is leafing up quite nicely.

Jus did a little digging and tidying. More planting next week perhaps.

  1. Looks a decent size 🙂 You are right about how long stuff takes to grow over there though. The amount of crops they get out of the ground in the growing season around our Spanish place is unbelievable. It’s a good thing it used to be sea so is pretty fertile, because otherwise the poor soil would be worn out. At least they all leave it fallow in summer when it is too hot to grow anything.

    What’s the green stuff I can see just past the netted plot?

  2. I couldn’t believe the fields when I was there late in the year and still abundant. Of course the down side is the amount of water required. Didn’t see much plastic though so perhaps the Spanish are better than the Italians who grow under plastic use masses of water at at the end of the life of the plastic they burn in situ – not good.

    The plot is half sized, being the biggest you can now get, everyone wants to be green it seems. The green stuff is the remnants of last years chard. Its all a bit sad as is the celeriac. Need to grow more stuff.

    • Nah, Spanish are well into crappy plastic stuff too 😦 just let in break down in the sun.

      Chard looks quite like coloured. I did take a pic of mine, just no excuse to grat stick it into a post.

      • Hmmmm better eyes than me, but yes some yellow and red stemmed variety although you could be referring to the boards round what was a circular bed. I took the plot over last year and haven’t got as far as I should have liked. Probably because I am a bit lazy…

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