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Posted: March 24, 2012 in england
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I am nearing the end of my time working on the coast, although I never get to see the sea. I do however, have rather a nice drive to get there. I know I shouldn’t drive but it is not possible to avoid the one hour commute due to the circumstances. I have planted half a dozen trees so hopefully negating the excess CO2.


A brilliantly sunny morning, if slightly hazey on the downs. The pictures are of one of my favourite stretches of road. The tarmac curls along the foot of the Northern slopes of the South Downs. The black ribbon snaking along mimicking the curving contours of the ridgeline.



The pictures do not really do justice to the countryside but they are the best I could manage, to the left of the frame the Downs rise toward a cloudless blue and to the left, if you could see, the countryside undulates toward t’North.



This is just a view the other way.


On arrival at the coastal pigpen I witnessed a fight about to commence. The first antagonist, puffing his chest, upper limbs spread wide gesturing his desire for the fray, the second pugilist similarly poised, the peace and quiet shattered by the warbling battle cries of two male blackbirds intent on claiming the same piece of territory. It quite made my morning. After and exchange of posturing and song, the interloper thought better of it and flew off leaving the dominant male proudly displaying and once again unchallenged in his domain.

  1. Vicky says:

    Roads like that would make me want to forget work and continue my journey to wherever.

  2. Looks so amazingly quiet. I’ve just been writing about population density, including england – and I look at this!! I bet it was early. Lots of idle stay-in-beds.

    • Between 8 and 9 so not silly times. Very few cars though, Saturday morning I suppose. Even less traffic today when I came in. Lovely it really does the heart good to get out in the green. Even if I was sitting in my metal cage!

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