Do you enjoy your food? Part 1

Posted: March 26, 2012 in allotment, climate change, economy, environment, food, Uncategorized
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Well, do you? If you do, and I think it is a given that we all need to eat so we should enjoy our food, do you know where it comes from? It’s more plentiful then ever, at least for us westerners, isn’t it? It’s better for us than ever isn’t it? And of course we understand how to maximise yield don’t we?

Now what do you think?

  1. Phew! I was worried there. Thought I might be looking at some animal ‘farming’ shots. Instead I just heard about how big corporations control agriculture, everything is full of pesticides, varieties of crops are being reduced, everything travels miles, and there is little nutritious value in what we eat.

    So that’s OK. Nothing new there 😦 I remember being pretty racked off when I discovered how many old varieties of fruit/veg had been eliminated from the UK, courtesy of (as was) MAFF. Don’t know where you get your seeds from but I used Chase (may probably get some sent out actually) and Heritage for the rare stuff.

    I can never understand why people aren’t interested. The attitude of the male speaker on there is certainly the predominant voice in the western world. I must so write about some sausages I made over the weekend 😉

    • Now would I do farmed animals? That said my friend has a herd of dexters and some southdown sheep. But I know how they are looked after and have no problem with the ethical raising and slaughtering of animals. I just prefer not to eat them, or use leather / animal products.

      I use The Real Seed Company, they are based in Wales and encourage people to collect and use their own seed, what a novel idea!

      If you liked that I will now post part 2 which is another you tube, there is a much longer version ‘Greening the desert – the sequel’ It really inspires me when you see what can be done. Low cost answers to poverty in the arid regions of the world. Why don’t they get more support, that’ll be big agro chemical companies, then and the large ‘food’ processing companies and Tesco.

      Hope you enjoy bit the second.

      • Well you posted a vid if you wanted to raise awareness, although people don’t want to watch nasty stuff.

        Not heard of Real Seeds, perhaps they were not around in my day. Are they organic? Will look them up. Chase was a link from Henry Doubleday which I used to be in back in UK days.

        One of my new Spanish skills has been seed collecting, courtesy of my neighbour. That and propagating carnations (pretty useless one that). I currently let the rocket self seed, and sow chillies from previous crops – but they do weaken as you continue down the strain. Chillies lose their heat 😦

        I’ll have a look at part 2 – I have a post to write about poverty etc, not sure whether today or tomorrow though, inspired by another blogger.

  2. I think that should have read: ‘you – might have – posted a vid’ etc etc was getting ahead of myself obviously and forgot that bit 😀

    • Real seeds are … real seeds organically grown not genetically modified or artificially messed about with. The thing is seeds want to grow. Why don’t shop bought chili seeds grow? Must have been messed about with.

  3. Valid comment re seeds wanting to go.

    Never tried shop bought chilli seeds, just chuck the ones in the ground that José gives me. Left it a bit late this season though 😦

    Someone on a forum was prattling on about how they need to be grown inside and nurtured and all the rest of it, and then transplanted – this is southern, coastal Andalucía woman! They grow in the ground. Happily. Chuck a few in and some will take, nothing difficult there. Why make things hard?

    Anyway, will look up real seeds later onish, as the last lot of seeds I bought at a Spanish supermarket have been pretty mediocre. I thought they would be better as appropriate for local environment, but I doubt that now.

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