Do you enjoy your food? Part 2

Posted: March 26, 2012 in allotment, climate change, economy, environment, food, poison, pollution
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Assuming the previous video has been watched, there is a chance some people may now feel less pleasure in food. The answer is in the garden, no really. Try this as an antidote to the previous post:

I defy anyone not to be uplifted by this single example of permaculture in action. For more in you tube search Geoff Lawton and just enjoy the positivism.

  1. Is he Aus/Kiwi?

    I looked at going to work on a project in Spain in Tabernas (desert in Almeria province) where they were looking at growing in the desert, sounded really interesting, but never took it up.

    It is beyond me why people don’t look for simple natural solutions. Well it isn’t of course. They don’t make money for large companies. What is beyond me is why a huge swathe of the world’s population hasn’t worked this one out, or has no interest 😦

    • Is it beause the media are part of the global conspiracy to keep the poor ignorant hence new tuition fees for uk students. We have had large demonstrations here anti globalization etc perhaps the babe’s want to keep us down and paying over the odds for what we could grow ourselves. It’s a bit like the mill shops in the industrial revolution. Pay the workers in tokens redeemable in the mill shop only.
      Looking forward to your poverty blog.

      • Actually I think it is because, people are a) greedy b) stupid/unthinking c) selfish etc etc etc.

        I have a generous view of humanity.

        Ok, I’ll do it today then. Before or after my nap though???

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