Al Nakki restaurant Brighton

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Brighton, food, vegetarian
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Tonight The One and I went to Brighton to eat, we should have gone to Indian Summer which would have been nice. However, we walked past a Turkish / Persian restaurant on the way, the food looked good so in we went.

The One had Falafel as a main with loads of flat bread and houmous, no pic I am afraid.

My main was Imam Bayildi, slowly cooked aubergines stuffed with onion, tomato and green pepper, served with an enourmous plate of rice. It was very tasty and filling.

Just one half of the aubergine, the other has been eaten!

Dessert of Baclava and Zoolbiya Bamiyeh a traditional Persion sweet is all I can tell you but it too was delicious.

Turkish wine and coffee and Persian tea. The wine was very good for this kind of restaurant but the coffee was a disapointment. Two courses for two, £45.30.

We enjoyed the meal and will go back.

  1. I think that sounds delicious, and what little was left by the time you remembered to take a photo looks great too. Your prices freak me out though 😦 it so gripes me that vegetarian meals are soooooo expensive.

    Why did you say you should have gone to the Indian one? Is that where you were intending to go but got sidetracked?

    • I had to make sure it was OK didn’t I? For some reason The One didn’t have an attack of, ‘I could make that for 49p at home.’ She’d had a bad day bless.
      Table booked at the Indian place, I’d forgotten the vouchers so no cheap deal. Dog house. Turkish looked nice as we passed. Even a pub Risotto will be about a tenner. This was far better. I can’t get over 15 quid for a bottle of wine. My stuff is about ten pence!

  2. alisonamazed says:

    Iydea is a nice veggie spot in the North Laines, not fancy – nice to sit outside on a warm day.

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