Following our meal The One and I walked to the seafront and along the promenade. The sky was stunning, warm breezes caressing us as we wandered toward the setting sun.

The poor old pier is still hanging on. No longer linked to the land, the original entry booth is to be incorporated into Brightons new attraction, the name escapes me but it will be a metal column with a platform that goes up and down so a view of the city can be obtained. That assume’s money can be found. They couldn’t fund the pier restoration so what hope? Silly me, I forgot, it’s new and will make loads a dosh for someone.

The One thinks I am obsessed with the pier, it is true I will often take a picture of the pier when I go to Brighton,

but last night I loved the light sky blue pink, behind the pier.

This shows the now destroyed deck supports. We walked West toward Hove the setting sun was in our face, the promenade, not busy yet with summer crowds, a pleasant place to be. Normal people having an evening stroll / cycle. Even the hoody homeless squatting skating boarding sub culturite’s were out taking the sun and air. The world, at that time, in that place, exuding peace and love. Beach barbecue’s in swing (ugh burning animal fat) but good humour abounding. A street drinker wandered toward me, I recognise him. I have seen him being angrily aggressive at the sky for being there, cold and damp. Not today, drunk as a skunk, can in hand ‘Good evening’. I respond ‘Hi how’s it going’ (the English Que Pasa? perhaps). We move on.

A little further and we turn back to the station, but not before I see the rotunda has a sign beneath, “Open”, I had never seen this before, a cafe bar, open and inviting, a destination for another day.

As we walk back along the road side, motorcycles scream, cars dump their valves. The Grand still stands despite, Patrick Magee, the mayhem veiled behind the blue lighting of the facade. Will Brighton ever really forget that day and will PIRA really change its spots?

The lights, like strings of twin pearls hark back to an older age where smart ladies with their gentlemen escorts would promenade after supper, parasols idly carried for fashion. Long gone the fashion for pearls and parasols, but the evening walkers, joggers continue the tradition of post supper perambulation nonetheless.

A final look back to the Pier, with moon above and lights below;

before plunging into the little streets and backwaters of The Laines. Full of life, but not too much so tonight. The whole of Brighton seems to be dozing after the exertions of the day in full sun. Even the pubs seem quite and relaxed, no frenetic energy, rushing to the next thing, it might be better. The Seven Stars, a Jazz band warming up, alas no time to stop and listen.

back to the station and homeward bound. A stunning evening in this jewel of the south coast. Not the sort of thing I would usually say as I consider Brighton, generally, a bit of a carbuncle on the rump of the planet. Just shows how wrong you can be.

The photo’s are courtesy of my Google Nexus One.

  1. Vicky says:

    Such a shame, they can fund a new build, but not restore part of Britains heritage.

    • I have fond memories of the pier. I suppose time and tide … Even if it had been repaired it would not have been the same. I do pile the dereliction in a strange way.

  2. Yeah my thoughts too are like V’s. It’s always sad to see dilapidated buildings just rotting away especially when they are part of our history.

    Nice post. The words and the photos capture the mood and the atmosphere.

    Actually Hows it going is more usually translated to Que hay?

    Que pasa is more specific, as in What’s happening? rather than a general greeting like Que hay? Thought you would like to know that 😀

  3. alisonamazed says:

    Wow, nice sunset! How did I miss that? I live right next to the seafront. Duh.

    • It was a stunning evening, but living so close you might have got a bit blase by now. The atmosphere was wonderful. But then it was a special trip out for us.

  4. alisonamazed says:

    I have on occassion sung with that band in the Seven Stars 🙂

  5. pix & kardz says:

    sorry about the pier too.
    but lovely evening light – enjoyed the images showing how the evening transitioned into night. maybe a bit photoblogspeak, but it really is well done 🙂

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