The kindness of strangers

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Poem
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Apologies to you who ‘do poetry’, I don’t. I did however make a deal with myself. If I wrote it I would put it on here.


The kindness of strangers

As a somewhat reclusive type, the last nine months were hell,
forced to seek society that ‘til now I have avoided,
no more the silence of MY space, it is now shared with all.

My personal demons have been poked, discussed and commented on,
my persona examined form every conceivable point of view, discussed,
my soul laid bare to the sunlight glare and picked over by vultures.

Vultures known and, thought of well, appear upon the horizon,
they sense a corpse and circle high, ripping flesh with beak and claw,
followed close by hyenas laugh of those I knew quite well.

Further renting chewing churning study of what I’m made,
you can’t do this you should do that, why do that it should be this
God keep up there, why can’t you,

A new age dawns of space unknown, words falling through space and time,
anonymous ones who can’t be seen, like spirits in the wind,
a new adventure spreads like liniment, pungent hot and healing.

This space is fine and fresh and mine, those others cannot find,
words appear, they live and breath, there seems to be no creator
a warm glow spreads, this is my space, my silence is returning.

A special thanks to Kate Adie, I stole her title!

  1. Nothing worse than having no personal space 😦 – and yet – it is there somewhere. Just need to find it, wherever it is.

    • Indeed, but everything is all good now and I am better for it. 😉 My shifts are changing working six days on the bounce but I get three off after that so I get a good break. Not only that, summer is coming and for my three late shifts I get the morning to play!!!!

  2. alisonamazed says:

    Another good poem! Keep it up!

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