A stalkers charter or just a fun thing?

Posted: April 3, 2012 in big society
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The BBC have recently reported on a Russian App that ap(parently allows anyone to find out who (girls only) is nearby.


The company who created the App used data already in the public domain to enable people, presumably of either gender, to find out details of females who happen to be nearby. There is an element of consent in that the female must have enabled her data to be broadcast but really, why would you create an app like this?

Google already lets me see where my friends are if we are that way inclined. Of course most of us don’t pick a ‘friend’ just because they are male or female, unless we are looking for a romantic connection.

In the hands of the sad dangerous stalker such an app would allow him to search for a victim that looks right, where she is and how far away, creepy. I have tried but cannot think of a ‘legitimate’ reason for this app.Can anyone else?

Advertiser’s may want to target a specific audience, we all know that, but they have no need of a free app to obtain the information. The app is called Girls Around Me in the piece on the BBC website.

  1. You are on a roll today!!

    To use a terrible phrase, it seriously sucks.

    If I want to know who is around me, I can walk out in the street and see them. Isn’t that enough for people?

    And it is of course grossly sexist.

    Not just for picking out ‘girls’ ie females rather than males, and as you say, ripe for stalking totally unaware women.

    But also, my other perennial gripe, the use of ‘girls’. To indicate youthful pretty young things. Under 18? Under 16? Because any older than that and they are women. But ‘Women Around Me’ doesn’t have quite the same allure does it?

    • Well, it would have more allure than girls for me. But that is more a reflection on my greying state than anything.

      Social Media, … why not go to the pub and talk. I know people through work, customers shall we call them, who seem to spend their entire life on FaceTwitterMediaFindafriendBook. Isn’t it much easier to go for a walk and talk to real, in the flesh, people?

      Now of course Blogging is not included, Bloggers tend to be more rounded intelligent and interesting people on the whole. People who have an opinion ….

      However, some words are about perception and the manner an individual uses them. Girls, as you say younger females, but for me it also relates to a state of mind. I know females who are, to be charitable, early thirites but I would still describe them as girls. (I am about to get a rocket I feel) because their outlook is that of a giggling school girl. Woman on the other hand denotes a thinking rational person of any age over 16 although it may be accompanied by ‘young’. My Pickle has been a young woman for years, think I am going to be dropping the young now though as she is mid twenties. So for me the difference is maturity although not specifically in years.

      Incidentally, is it the same for men? As a youth, I couldn’t wait to be thought of as a man. To be a man in my eyes related to being respected and treated as an equal by people who had left school. Actually, 39 years after leaving school and no longer being classed as a boy by anyone, I do still get treated like a child at times.

  2. Rocket duly sent. (I’ll not bother with the accompanying words).

    And no, not the same for men.

    • I have had a quick look, very interesting. However, red rags bulls and all that stuff, I wil have to read inwardly digest and submit a carefully thought out response. Well, in so far as I ever think things out carefully, I am a mere man after all!

      I know what my afternoon has to offer 😦

      I will pass the time more pleasantly trying to come up with a suitable response.

  3. Vicky says:

    I was reading about that, or something similar recently. If its the same thing, the only benefit I can see is with parents being able to keep a check on their precocious kids that are wandering the streets. Though if there allowed to wander, I doubt the parents would give a toss what their offspring are doing anyway. So ignore my post 🙂

    • Now would I ignore a post? I think the Google thing would work like that, keep tabs in the kids. The Russian app wouldn’t unless they were girls … freaky. I did thistles for a test, activate the Google thing on my wife’s phone, just for a day and only in the interests of understanding. It was weird. I could watch her progress along the high street. Quite unsettling I could almost see the shops she was in! I had to turn it off. But quite interesting in my line of work.

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