Someone once said, ‘Be grateful for what you got.’

I do think I am lucky but something was recently said which brought me up short. Do we think enough about our blessings.  I take for granted, as do a lot of people, the good things. I don’t mean good on a geo political level, or on a consumer level. No, what makes us truly happy as individuals.  We are all different after all.

I decided I would write about my happy things, but not a la Poppins,  and ask others to contribute what makes them happy so a comment would be greatly appreciated.

Obviously there is close family, The One, Pickle and my son. No pets any longer but that is not all sad, I remember my pooch which is bitter sweet happy.

Spending time in the open, woods particularly are my thing, I love trees and the wind through the leaves, shade from the heat of the sun (OK not often in the UK).

The hills near my home I walk at every opportunity and have posted pics on the Pen for anyone interested.

Now to the real stuff, there is nothing quite like spending an hour or two at my allotment. I usually manage to get there when no-one else is around which pleases me. Peace, silence, outdoors, fresh air. If only the trains would stop running … bliss.

My polytunnel. I can start my plants early, crop foodstuffs later sit in the sun if there is a cold wind and contemplate the state of nature.

I make wine, this is really cool. Tax hikes on all alcohol every year mean the cost of booze is ridiculous. Not for me, a bit of sugar and yeast (no bone char in the sugar of course) water, go for a long walk, spend time in the gorgeous Sussex countryside picking fruit or whatever growing wild in the hedgerows = wine. Less that a pound a gallon!! Contrary to popular belief it can taste quite good. However, steer clear of vegetable wines I find them generally rough as. Rosehip on the other hand makes a lovely wine.

Ginger beer, (bit of a theme developing) ginger, lemons, sugar, yeast lift off. Half a litre of this concoction is enough to send me reeling. A colleague was given a bottle. Her girlfriend then forbade me from ever providing any more. Apparently my friend got wasted on just one bottle!!! Cost about £1 for a gallon.

Cider, last Septembers pressing has just been racked, I inevitably had to taste a little, sublime. Apple juice freshly pressed, a little sugar. Cost, nothing apart from time.

These are all time consuming but stem from a love of being outside and all feed into being outside. The One loves to cook and bake so we have to rotate in the kitchen which is tiny. To make my life complete an outdoor kitchen would be great, I could prepare my booze while the one cooks at the same time.

Work, which takes nine hours of my day, (11 if you include travel) robs me of six days in every nine. But, that’s OK as it funds my house and veg plot.

My latest found pleasure is Blogging but when do I get time for that?

  1. You’ve obviously found time today 🙂

    I must like blogging too, but I think that’s because I like writing. I’ve always enjoyed it. And reading.

    I like being able to speak a foreign language relatively well. Especially over the ‘phone which is about the hardest thing ever as you have no facial expressions to go on.

    The garden. Goes without saying. Still working out how to get a windowbox in the kennelflat here.

    The sea.

    The Rock (of Gib) – never fails to impress me every time I walk out of the door.

    Travelling – trains, buses, ships. Camping. My dogs, all of them I’ve ever had.

    Eating vegetarian food, it has good karma about it.

    Finding a good geocache that involves something else (eg discovering a conspiracy theory!)

    Going to the supermarket and getting a good haul of organic veg and good veggie produce – Cauldron and Redwood.

    Finding eggs from my darling chicken Jimena.

    Chatting with my Spanish neighbours.

    Receiving nice comments and emails from internet friends.

    Collecting my partner’s wage packet.

    Reading blogs that suggest not everyone is entirely selfish after all.

    Swimming, walking, cycling.


    Think that’s enough to start with.

    • Yes I had some spare time in between. But now I have to think about going to work 😦

      Good list and actually most of the items would get a tick from me too. Part of my blogging thing I think is that I don’t seem to get time to read much these days but I can spend 10 – 15 minutes reading a blog(s) and come back to others later. I always feel a good book (and why read anything else) deserves time to savour and enjoy.

      I like ‘collecting partners wage packet’, if only. As The One tells me, what’s mine is hers and what’s hers is her own!

      Is that the Yorkshire gene kicking in? 😉

  2. Absolutely to the last comment 🙂

    By the time I met Partner he was so indoctrinated to handing over his money to his mother that he just did the same with me 🙂

    Yes, a book does need a few hours setting aside, which reminds me I MUST finish Stamboul Train or whatever it is called by graham greene.

    When did you get time off this week? Yesterday??

    • Love Graham Greene, Human Factor is one of my favourites, although I think my top Greene book is Monsignor Quixote, a copy of which is on the table as I type.

      I joined my new ‘team’ yesterday, they had already worked two days so lucky me, off last weekend and I get Friday Saturday Sunday then I’m on leave Huzzah! When we come back from Dieppe it will really be nose to the grindstone, haven’t done a proper full week since early January 🙂 but when I come back I will have to actually work for a living 😦

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