No such thing as climate change?

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Another rant, we have been enjoying unseasonable weather here in Saelig Sussex. Indeed record temperature’s for Scotland have been smashed this year according to the Met Office. In the South we have had June temperatures in March. Today, the BBC report that 50,000 homes and businesses in North Yorks and County Durham are without power following gales which also brought snow and ice.

I am no expert but that doesn’t seem ‘normal’ does it. Of course the nay sayers will point out that just shortly before the last mini ice age which immediately preceded the black death such things were normal. Oh great, that’s fine then. I can enjoy the 4 seasons in a day whilst preparing my table for the imminent arrival of the grim reaper and the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Good job we made an extra loaf!

  1. went to a lecture about this sort of thing some months ago which was really fascinating. not about nowadays but about zillions of years ago. the changes we are looking at right now are infinitesimal in the scheme of things – still agree that we aren’t exactly helping ourselves though.

    still the reaper will no doubt collect us both before much happens

    • I think the issue is not so much the ammount of change at present, more the speed and the prospect of the world’s population of people (and probably everything else) being decimated or wiped out. But as you say old man time will doubtless rattle our door handle before then.

  2. Vicky says:

    This something I find quite interesting, but who do we blame for the greenhouse gas climate change, is it the flatulent cows, the sunspot activity, the destroying of the carbon dioxide removing rain forests.
    I personally don’t blame the cows, but I do think the other two mentioned play a part in it.

    • don’t think we can just blame the cows. However, intensive farming methods, the polluting production of cattle cake and other feed stuff, chemical cleaners and washes used in beef production (can’t actually call it farming) the VERY high carbon cost of cement production used in the construction of pens and fuel cost imbedded in everything the cattle are provided with, and of course the methane, are all issues.

      However, I would blame the over consuming lifestyle of most people in the wealthy world, the polluting methods chosen for production. the highly polluting fuels of choice, the car, air conditioning and our wholesale destruction of carbon consuming plants.

      Fridges, vacuum’s and the humble underarm deodorant.

      Processing even veggie food not bought organically fresh locally sourced, ‘fresh’ food refrigerated over long distances, cosmetics, plastics of every description …..

      Apart from that I think everything is fine 😉

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