Secret courts

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m sorry I can’t help myself.

Ministers in the world leading democracy of these United Kingdom’s (or so they would have you believe) want to have secret hearings in Civil Cases and Inquests to protect US Intelligence. Just remind me, what is an oxymoron?

The Hush Puppy clad Ken Clarke, man of the people, apparently wants US Intelligence protected in British Courts. Would that be reliable intelligence like WMD? Nick Clegg, the Camronite Pound Puppy (remember those?) has complained that it is for the courts to decide what may and may not be heard and when courts should sit in camera. Wow way to go, actually raising a point against the Tories eh, even if it is a self evident truth that this mother of all parliaments is separated from the judiciary and cannot interfere. ?

The government (any UK government) continues to nibble at the very things that are alleged to make British Democracy the best in the world. An overworn phrase, British Police, the best …. Ambulance Service … Courts … you get the idea.

If we (UK) are so brilliant at being world leaders in all these important areas, why are we not a truly United Kingdom. The English can’t agree / measure up to the epithet, the Scots don’t want us, nor do the Irish (Northern) or Welsh. Where is the United.

I think Clarke Cameron Clegg (funny must have been an alphabetical selection) should come clean, Parliament should become the State legislature, Cameron should be called the Governor and the stars and stripes flown over Westminster in this Unites (States) Kingdom of England (sometimes).


  1. Ha! Amazingly as I tend to leave the news alone unless absolutely necessary, I coincidentally flicked on that tale today. And wondered what you would think about it.

    Although the tale I read didn’t say it was to protect US intelligence which makes it even worse 😦

    If I was still a card carrying member of the NUJ I would be kicking up such a stir about this, it is totally immoral. IMNRHO.

    Justice should be seen to be done. We all know it isn’t but at least we go through the pretence. But this? Serious Stasi state stuff.

    • Unfortunately the press don’t seem to make such a splash about this sort of thing anymore. They choose the easier targets. My belief is that the ‘media’ then don’t need to pay good jounalists but can rely on stringers for the bulk of the ‘news’, or is that overly cynical. Could just be that the media is in the control of a few people who have no issue with the US telling everyone what to do.

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