Climate change is something that should concern us all, if it doesn’t exist, would it hurt to make small changes in our individual lives?

If it does exist those changes, by each and every individual may make a change. The clip shows one possibility, what would you do without hot water, electric light curfew’s and …. the kettle

It is the little things we miss.

  1. That is so spooky. I was feeling gloomy enough today anyway (no reason, apart from wondering where the world is heading co-incidentally), but that’s just tipped me over the edge. Better go and have a hot shower while I still can 😦

    I like the idea of portraying life in 20 years time. I think what grates is that some of us are doing what we can (and have done since before ‘climate change’) so many others don’t care too hoots. Having come back from the shop with one small carrier bag, I was aghast at the amount people were buying over Easter – what were they going to do with all that stuff for a short break? And 99% were car shoppers. Just, sigh.

    • My gloomy day was yesterday, but that’s another story not for publication. I had my hot shower, 3 minutes of water heated by solar so smug me 😉

      The over consumption by supermarket shoppers (not all of course) is something that causes anger / outrage. We do shop little and often to assure freshness of produce, generally by bike, but you are quite right, most shoppers in 4 x 4’s for a short trip to buy tonnes of packaging with a little produce.

  2. Vicky says:

    I echo completely what roughseas has said, it was … spooky!!
    Also about the bulk shopping too, Easter, Christmas, it’s always the same. FFS the shops are only closed 1 day, 2 at the most, who are they expecting to feed or is it just gluttony??

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