Dieppe, a jewel in Northern France

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Dieppe
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The One and I have just returned from Dieppe. This is a place we have been many times before, but it draws us back time and again.

One of the things we quite like is that Brits don’t really sem to stay in Dieppe, it’s as though they can’t wait to hit the road having disembarked. Of course there are always English about waiting for the ferry or lunching before moving on, but because they don’t seem to stay it is easy to move around the town and not hear an English voice.

On this trip we decided to take our cycles, which was interesting. Several groups of cyclists were on the ferry and there was a general feeling of cameraderie which we managed to escape from once on board. The town as ever was a delight. We were lucky with the weather, this being April. The winds were cold but the skies were blue and clear, except the day we cycled to Verengeville. It started overcast, we cycled like the wind arriving at the Chateau in time for lunch, a lucky find. The Chateau has a cider business and a cafe / arts and crafts centre. Not an English person in sight. The One practices her French, we are treated to delightful veggie quiche’s of varying kinds with salad and perfect cidre. The hostess was charming and tres elegant, the one downside of the day was the thunder storm which broke while we ate.

Leaving the cafe we soon became soaked, and returned to the brilliant sunshine of Dieppe!! The deluge did for our cycling though, aggravating an old injury to my knee I spent the next three days barely able to walk. However, this did not prevent trips to Rouen and Le Treport by train and bus.

Le Treport was a new experience for us and a wonderful working port to spend a day. We climbed to the cliff tops and wandered through the town, recommended for a day trip. The climb to the cliffs for the view is a high point, along with the quayside.

Rouen is a familiar place, each time we visit there is something new to see. The cathederal is marvellous even for a non believer. The work involved in raising such a structure shows what humans are capable of when so minded. What a shame our efforts are so often directed in a mis guided way. The banks of the Seine are always worth a visit and this trip was no exception, we basked in the warm sun watching the world go by.

We discovered two fine restaurants in Dieppe, the Ankara which is a Turkish restaurant with a vegetarian menu where we spent a wonderful evening. The food was good, the wine equally so and the atmosphere was very pleasing. However, first prize must go to the Restaurant La Bekka a Lebanese restaurant. The vegetarian mezze was stunning, The service was superb and the atmosphere fantastic. 30 Rue Carenage 76200 Dieppe.

Back home now to the sun and same cold winds that we had in Dieppe.

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  1. Lovely piccies. That middle one reminds me of Whitby for some reason! I can’t believe you only took three though, you have been away for ages – there must be more. I think they would look good on a slideshow myself.

    Sorry to hear about the knee 😦 – hope it is feeling better now, or that you are, or both.

    Dieppe sounds a bit like Cherbourg, or any French port I guess, where people don’t stay. I think you are right, people do try and dash through – invariably in cars.

    • It must be like Yorkshire A reckons it is a bit like Scarborough! Took something like 125 pics but not a clue how to do a slide show. Knee much better thanks, at one point I thought I might not be able to cycle to the ferry, what a shame that would have been, I could have stayed never to return.

      The other thing about Dieppe is that once away from the very pretty pleasure port with its bars and restaurants, it is so much more interesting, real people living real lives not simply catering to tourists.

  2. It was the view from the top that reminded me of Whitby, standing near the whalebone arch or whatever it is.

    Slide show is easy. When you upload your pix to WP (and you can keep uploading loads at once), instead of clicking on insert into post, click on save all changes, and then you should get an option to do gallery (don’t – boring) or slideshow. Click on slideshow. You can also move the order around by dragging and dropping the pix, and add captions. To edit an indiv pic, click on show.

    If you go into edit for your dieppe post, click on the camera and you will get the media screen up. In the middle is gallery and it should have (3) next to it for the three pix you have uploaded. Click on that and you get the option to insert a slideshow πŸ™‚

    • I will definately try that. Not been to the top of Whitby, I like harbours so tend to stay low πŸ˜‰ but at Scarborough we were in a Hotel that was, I think high up, it has something to do with the sweep of the bay.

      • Oh 😦 you haven’t put up the slideshow yet. Hurry up!!

        Scarborough would have been on the south side then where there are hotels along the top. There may be a couple on the north side, but it’s mostly south. Both bays have beautiful sweeping beaches, I did get that idea from the comment as well, just the beaches in Scarborough are much bigger than the Dieppe one (most things in Yks are bigger, it’s the Texas of the UK)

      • All right, don’t rush me I’m old, done now though πŸ˜‰

        Had to reply to the Anis post too

  3. Vicky says:

    That sounds like you had an amazing, time, I envy those living close to the ports just to be able to ‘pop over” the channel, I do love France. Not so easy for us with the dogs, but I love the idea of taking the bikes.
    Lovely pics, and as Roughseas has said, there must be more for a slide show. πŸ™‚

    • We do feel lucky, only a 50 minute drive, park the car and cycle to the docks, the whole trip is only 5 or 6 hours to Dieppe. I don’t know why we don’t go more often, but then perhaps it wouldn’t be so special.

  4. Very good. There are some nice photos in there I think. The only thing you need to do now though is to move the slideshow (cut and paste on the HTML) to the bottom because if you have it at the top it detracts from the actual photos as everyone has seen them before πŸ™‚

    Those olives look expensive !!

    • Thanks for the tip, us old uns can’t cope you know. The Olives were about what we would have paid for speciality olives in the UK, the scicilian ones, with sundried tomatoe and other bits were lovely, but I think we bought them at another stall. We had them with a flavoured couscous and dressed mushrooms with more sundried toms on the ferry with a Bier d’alsace we had bought at one of the little local shops mmm lovely

      • I just like bossing people around πŸ™‚ but seriously, don’t you think it works better at the end? Because by then you have read the post, know you were cycling, went to the chateau, the cathedral, etc etc

        Where is the station? it looks unused!!

        I failed miserably at doing my own olives 😦 didn’t put enough salt in the brine mix I suspect. And I’m dubious about buying from the big tubs as I can’t see the ingredients, so I stick to buying boring ones in bags with as few ingredients as possible and then tarting them up with the salad. Sounds a great picnic on the ferry though πŸ™‚

      • I like being bossed, just aske A! It was the bus station at Dieppe, kind of looked like some derelict goods depot from before the dawn of time, a US Dustbowl sort of quality. I deliberately left out the railway station as it was less derelict looking. You can’t really see but the old guy on the side looked like some hobo, made me think of Woody Guthrie for some reason.

  5. And yes, it is much better at the bottom, forgot to say trying to think of more than one thing at a time. You know us blokes and multi tasking πŸ˜‰

  6. Nothing new there πŸ˜€

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