Empire Hope and Glory

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Army
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The empire upon which, its said,
The sun it never sets,
Created from the blood of men
Her poor sons and her rich

To carry on regardless
Always play with a straight bat,
Unless when dealing with the natives, Then cricket don’t quite count.

The sun has set now, almost
Tho’ bits of rock do count
Straight bats gone when dealing
Even with our heroes, now

Blown up you say, you lost a leg,
You will sure get a pension,
But we’ll claim back a sum from you, For the days when march you couldn’t.

Should have died, plywoods cheap But with veneer looks good,
What think the townsfolk as they watch you pass,
will they too, count the shekels?

  1. Ouch! But now, us civ townsfolk are hypocritical enough to want to applaud the efforts, and not want to pay for them. And maybe even, criticise the motives in the first place and envy that pension for the injury/ies.

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