The ‘Joy’ … of children

Posted: April 18, 2012 in big society, Family
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Why do people believe we all want to share their children. Recently I travelled on a cross channel ferry. There almost constant announcements for parents to keep their children calm. The sea was not calm. The announcer said the sea was very rough. Children were not kept calm by their parents. They were not even kept near their parents. Parents were specifically asked to their little darlings making a lot of noise. Rather than have the inconvenience of complying with this request, it seems mums dad allowed their ill behaved issue run around screaming. My children never did. Why should someone else’s little Jasper or Jimima be allowed to behave like some recently decade bedlam inmate. Presumably, in these days of free expression it is bad parenting to stop a child screaming at the very top of its lungs whilst running like some latter day Billy Whizz.

On the other hand the French children sat quietly and drew or read or spoke to parents. One particular Littlehampton darling sat in front of mother / carer/ keeper crying and whining about the world knows what, while said keeper read a book totally ignoring child. Four hours never seemed so long.

And here’s another thing. It’s rough, going outside is prohibited. An English retired ‘gentleman ‘ thinks this is ridiculous. ‘I’m going for a fag.’ Forty minutes later he’s back complaining he couldn’t get outside for his gasper. He was irritated that no exception could be made for him. They should have let him have his fag. If he had been swept overboard it may have cheered his missus up!

  1. Vicky says:

    Oh yes, you’ve hit on my pet hate here!!
    There is a total lack if discipline today, in my mind brought about by the ‘dont repremand them, let the children find their characters, smack them they’ll become violent adults’ bunch.
    Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!! That’s total bullshit!
    My daughters were disciplined and smacked when it was needed, are they violent characterless adults? not at all, they are both extremely well adjusted, very popular, caring and non violent.
    Britain needs to step back a few decades in the discipline stakes!
    Vic now stepping of her soapbox. 😳

  2. I knew V wouldn’t be able to resist this one! And while I agree totally that ill-disciplined rude noisy monsters are a total pain, I also wouldn’t wish my recurrent nightmares on anyone. There are better ways to bring up children and discipline them than by instilling fear of physical punishment on them. Speaking as a child and not as a parent – possibly one of the many reasons I am not one.

    • Discipline does not necessarily imply violence and aggression. The imposition of clear boundaries is essential to provide structure. An occasional slap when necessary is often the most appropriate means of control. Or not depending on your point of view.

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