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Posted: April 19, 2012 in Family
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The days are supposed to get warmer and brighter as we head toward May. The sun breaks through the April showery clouds as it should, but the air remains autumnal cool.

My garden is growing, the trees throwing their first leaves toward the available light in hope of warmth to stimulate better growth. Everything though, is slow. Berberis Dadwinii is showered with deep yellow blossom tucked into a shady nook. North facing Clematis has flower buds, promising a show later.

My veg is pretty weak although quinoa is growing well. Broad beans and peas have also shown some vigour while onion is pretty weedy.

Wild garlic leaves made into a paste with pine nuts salt and lemon juice, thanks for the idea hedvig


An unexpected pleasure is the need for an open fire, the evenings indoors are chilly but not cold, perfect excuse for a fire. The rain hurls itself at the window intent on forcing an entry, the heat of the fire crackles in the quiet gathering gloom. There is no place we would rather be, The One, Pickle and me.

  1. Slideshow!!

    And you are growing quinoa?!! Think I bought some once, never sure if I cooked it?

  2. pix & kardz says:

    i had the same thought as roughseas. you are growing quinoa? how intriguing.
    i recently bought some because it sounds so healthy. i have yet to make anything with it yet.
    your open fire does sound very cozy.

  3. Vicky says:

    I did love the open fires from my childhood, but sadly the area I lived was plunged into a ‘smokeless zone’ and gas fires became the norm 😦

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