Chatri War Memorial

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Army, Brighton, india
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I went for a wander on the South Downs near Brighton with The One. We meandered in the general direction of South for some time. I then remembered going to this place some years ago with my old dog, now running in a better place, hopefully.

We decided to head for Chatri, a memorial to the predominantely Indian Soldiers of the First War who died of wounds in Brighton. The Pavillion there had been turned into a Military Hospital.

The sense of peace and tranquility makes this a lovely place especially on a quiet day. This was such a day, clear and crip with extensive views. Even so there were people there when we arrived enjoying the sun and a steady influx of visitors while we remained reflecting on the lost souls who came to rest in this place. Actually, I think that despite everything, the British for once tried to get it right. The dead were cremated in accordance with the various religeous traditions of the people involved and at least had the decency to give them an Indian looking memorial.

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  1. Yeah, we did bad things, but not all the time! I think what goes on now is just as bad. Especially the lies.

    It looks a beautiful peaceful place. I guess that’s one corner of Britain that will be forever India.

    • Some of what we did was good, I agree. I suppose the difficulty is in achieving the good without the bad. How do we get the Taliban to have equal rights for women without using force? I don’t have any answers just ridiculous qiestions. I added a slideshow and put it at the bottom!!

      They have a ceremony in June I think, I will try to get there for it.

      • While I don’t agree with the way women are treated in other countries, I think we should put our own houses in order before we start preaching to others under the pretext of ‘human rights’ when we are really trying to get our greedy little hands on their natural assets.

        In fact I think we should invade America on the grounds that they are just as bad as the Taliban, if you keep up with all the Republican proposals to subjugate women and take away their rights. Patriarchal society and Christian fundamentalism = no rights for women. Where is that different to the Taliban? (broadly speaking before you start to split hairs).

        Rates of DV in America? higher than islamic countries according to a post I read recently. I thought Italy, and then Spain, might have been as high, but we were nowhere near. There is some serious hypocrisy around. And then we have the dog-eating president, which is not relevant, but I thought I would chuck that oneone in (or up) just for added value.

        The slideshow is nice. I love the interior (well you know what I mean) photos, thanks for adding that. They are a good WP feature. Not always, but sometimes.

  2. I understand what you say, and would agree. I am not sure I have any answers but whilst life is, as you say, far from perfect here women are generally freer in the west. However that begs the question as to whether we should impose our views on other cultures. I have met Asian women who are entirely happy with all facets of Islam. They choose that lifestyle. Who am I (we) to force change. Not everyone needs or wants a western lifestyle.

    • I merely mention Islam as we were discussing Afghanistan

      • As I agree with neither Christianity, Islam, Judaism, ie the Big Three, it makes no difference to me. I’m happy to criticise all of them.
        I too struggle with the imposition of values (unless of course they are mine, which natch are perfect) on other cultures. It doesn’t seem too far removed from missionaries to me. And when the missionaries are not exactly the best respector of values and freedoms why should the poor natives have to be overcome? Having said that, people are often acceptant of the status quo if they don’t know there is a different life out there. Grass being greener and all that.
        But to go back to values, I think we have all got them pretty skewed these days, and therein lies the problem.

      • I couldn’t find the reply button to reply to your comment. I too don’t agree with the big three, probably not in any organised religeon, although I do believe in fairies.

        The fairies would not impose views, but I believe would believe in universal education (literally universal so the same opportunities for the whole universe).

        The poor natives are only poor in our terms. They are rich in emotional support, the struggle for life brings huge rewards and replaces the 9 x 5 with a much fuller richer life, but I am sure you agree?

        The Hadza in Africa miss the traditional life because they have been deprived of the traditional hunting grounds and would turn back the clock if they could. They did not seek the change, it was forced upon them. Western ‘superiority’ being foisted on the poor little bushman who has nothing.

        Leave them all alone I say and look to yourselves!

  3. Vicky says:

    I can imagine this is a very peaceful, but emotional place. It’s in a beautiful setting.

    • Indeed, especialy for an old softie like me!!

      • Vicky says:

        I guess with your love of France, you’ve probably visited the war graves there. Certainly worth it if you haven’t, it really drive home the horrors us humans inflict on each other 😦

      • Just been to the wat graves at Le treport, I was heartened to see the inclusion of Germans. Lets be honest, it is not the footslogger that causes the differences, it is the politicians. The PBI just have to carry out the wishes of those in power and pay the price for it.

        All Quiet on the Western Front is one of the most moving, and realistic books about war I have ever read along with Michael Herr’s Dispatches.

        Will we ever learn?

      • Vicky says:

        I visited one somewhere in France, sorry the name escapes me, where all nationalities were buried. Innocent young men form all race & creed. 😦
        In the words of Roger Waters…………….ashes & diamonds, foe & friend, we are all equal in the end.

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