Interest in my little experiment, thank you folks. Growing seems to be easy, I bought a pack from Real Seeds and grew them last year, with ease.

The information is about the grain growing and prepping. When last years harvest arrived, I allowed the seed to dry and then collected them to re sow this year. This year I just put the seed onto well broken soil and raked it in, it appears to have all sprouted so I hope to have enough to use with some over for next year.

The seeds need to be soaked to remove natures protective coating before cooking like rice.

Easy grow tasty and nutitious.

  1. Pix!! And does it taste like/have the consistency of ghastly cous-cous? Cos it looked pretty similar when I bought it.

  2. alisonamazed says:

    Am a big fan or quinoa. Well done for growing it!

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