The UK government under Cameron and Clegg (the silent partner) is increasingly coming under fire for a lack of vision. There is no policy save to repeat the mantra we must improve the economy. Even Tory MP’s are getting in on the mud slinging. A Tory MP states Cameron is remote, doesn’t know the price of a pint of milk and just hangs with the posh kids, I paraphrase. The BBC reported it thus:

‘One of Mr Cameron’s own MPs, Nadine Dorries, has called him an “arrogant posh boy” with “no passion to want to understand the lives of others”.

That was yesterday’s news. Mr Cameron appeared in an interview, looking fresh faced as if he had just had a nap / long lunch with his chums / spent ‘quality time’ with his family. He said he was working very very very hard. My question, at what? At least Tony Blair, Beelzebub to his chume, had the decency to look tired at careworn at times. He at least looked as if he was struggling with problems of state.

It seems the Tories may have successfully driven the London Boroughs into creating a Versailles like atmosphere in the capital. Driving the poor away from the doors of the metaphorical palace because they make the place look untidy, despite the Mayor’s expressed abhorrence at the thought of social cleansing. Of course he is another rich posh kid. More on the latest attempt to ship poor people out of London prior to the olympics can be found here The basic idea seems to be to pay ‘Oh, some chap in the North, flat cap, clogs and whippets y’know the sort’ to take the poverty stricken from the Olympic Borough and rehouse them. Sadly ‘some chap’ turned out to be Gill Brown who saw through the cunning scheme and has told the world, well anyone who reads BBC news.

Of course, if we could find out who now owns most of the private rentals in LB Newham, the Olympic Borough, I suspect we might find a smattering of ‘The Chums of No 10’.

  1. I knew there was a reason why I left the UK. This sort of stuff makes me want to vomit but luckily I haven’t breakfasted yet.

    • I started reading this just before breakfast. Fortunately constitution of an Ox. But you are right, one post on BBC said they were surprised. Not sure if that was irony or not. Nothing any government does surprises me unless it is not for personal gain or self publicity

  2. I’m reminded here of the Billy Connolly thought that the very desire to be a politician should immediately make someone ineliglbe!

  3. And Brighter Futures? WTF is that? you are probably all used to this jargon but dearie me, that is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  4. alisonamazed says:

    Glad to be out of it – yet know I will miss my friends and some of the life I had there – but, that life at a cost of…ahhh…some semblance of equality. Didn’t own a property and therefore was ‘less than’. As one fellow said to me: “I’m so sick of women who just want to have babies and don’t want to work and want to take a ride on MY money.” Poor little rich boy.

    • He obviously was only looking at the vacuous women who seem to be pleased to be a ‘boy’s toy’ I am surprised at how many there are out there still. I suppose that is a comment on British Society more than anything else. I wonder if he felt uncomfortable in the company of ‘ordinary’ women, threatened by the fact that Oh gosh, they can think and articulate and have independent thought! Have fun in Canada. Enjoy.

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