I am amazed and heartened all at the same time, the sustainable design award designer Emily Cummins. This young woman has come up with a brilliant solution to a difficult problem. She also talks a lot of sense in this article.


The Sustainable Fridge

Of course we all know why there is no incentive to companies to design and produce sustainable goods, the great public would not need to keep buying replacements and dirty technology is cash cheap technology. It has been there for years and doesn’t need investment in new machinery.

In fact, if we all made a sustainable fridge and reduced the amount of cold store items we buy, we would never need to buy another fridge. It may require a change of lifestyle, a more thoughtful approach to shopping and storing.

If we all lived more local (i.e. did not spend wasteful hours commuting, burning energy, doing work for free for our bosses who don’t give a tinkers cuss for us or our welfare) we would have more time to grow and store our own food.

If we didn’t have our gas guzzlers, of whatever description, there would be less pollution to suffocate the plants. More plants, more traditional non hybridised flowers would equal more essential insects without which we will not survive.

Of course no government would agree to the necessary measures, they want their big cars and expensive estates. Their chums need to be looked after so that, at the end of their reign, they can get a lucrative consultancy. Jet setting off to the four corners of the globe (is that an oxymoron?) instead of using good technology to increase communication without the need for travel.

  1. Wow! She’s smart. That water carrier looked a bit like a shopping trolley really.

    I remember the earlier fridges that were similar design, they must be the ones she was referring to.

    You can just imagine everyone giving up their white goods to have something like that can’t you 😦

    • Oh if only. BTW, saw something on the BBC about how unfair it is that men are discriminated against. Do you know boys underperform girls in school. Some South African was trying to imply it was some kind of discrimination. Surely it has more to do with adolescent boys who carry their brains in their nether regions, are immature and don’t give a toss about anything except getting into the local hotties knickers.

      If boys want to do well they have to compete not be handed success on a plate, I am sure you will agree.

      • I’ve heard that garbage and total tosh before about the outperformance. It’s interesting however that when women and men get into the workplace that outperformance is soon eroded. Truth is, I have no interest in the plight of sad boys underforming (at school – or even elsewhere), only in as much as it may affect crime statistics. No, that’s not true, I think all children deserve a good start in life, but so many don’t get it. Bringing discrimination into education as soon as boys aren’t doing better than girls is ridiculous. Men are not discriminated against. That’s an easy one.

      • You can take a horse to water (sexist again) … makes a virtue of pig headedness but us blokes can do that without encouragement.

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