Urban Farming 101

Posted: April 30, 2012 in climate change, common sense, economy, environment, food, garden, pollution

Urban Farming 101.


I found this today, interesting for you eco sustainability tread lightly on the planet people.

  1. There wasn’t anything new though was there? I think we had one of those in Newcastle. Wish we could have one in Gib!! Or an allotment, or something. Perhaps I should suggest it to the Gib gov!

    • Not really, I just like to find this stuff, it re-inspire’s me when I start to flag because the overwhelming apathy of people.

      • That’s cos you’re not radical enough! 😀

      • Probably true. My colleagues however, think I am some sort of hippie urban warrior wack job because
        a) I’m Veggie
        b) I don’t like McDonalds, KFC, Tesco et al
        c) I catch the train to work and ride a bike (without lycra)
        Why is it OK to wear lycra and ride a bike like a lunatic but not to ride sedately to work?

      • You know the answer don’t you?

        Riding a bike in lycra and like lunatic is sporty and macho. Riding sedately is not. It is whacky non-conformist sort of stuff. I wear lycra 😀 but for visibility not the aero-dynamic properties. I hope you at least wear a hi-vis, a helmet, guantes (sorry, gloves) or you will be a receive a very roughseas lecture shortly.

      • Bright orange rain jacket with relective silver piping, nice red helmet, purple gloves and reflective cycle clips to off set my brown or grey pin stripe suit!
        The first time Pickle saw the get up it was like ‘Wo, colour clash or what.’

      • No opportunity to lecture you there then 😦

        Better the colour clash than the one with the tin box on wheels that didn’t see you 🙂

      • Absolut as the say in the Killing.

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