Apparently, the government are rolling out anti aircraft missiled in readiness for the olympics. They will be deploying not only the army but armed Police, helicopters will be continuously in the skies above the capital with on board snipers.

The explanation, the missiles are to take out commercial airliners should one of those be hijacked in a repetition of 9/11. The airborne snipers will take out the pilots of small aircraft, presumably small turbo prop privately owned type aircraft. All this will be centred on the East end of London.

There is, perhaps, a small flaw in the plan. Following a missile strike, where will the debris land? East London is a very densley populated area. If the pilot is shot, his aircraft will continue to be a very destructive object likely to explode on impact bombed up or not.

The telegraph carries a story relating to the concerns of the locals, which can be seen here:

Gen Sir Nick Parker, to quote from the article; ‘ said military snipers are to be deployed in helicopters to shoot pilots of low-flying aircraft that might be involved in terrorist attacks. He said that as well as the missiles on tower blocks, larger Rapier surface-to-air missiles could be located at Blackheath, Lee Valley reservoir, Shooters Hill and Epping Forest. He said the missiles would only be fired as “a very last resort” and a decision to do so would have to come from the “very highest level” ā€“ on the authority of the prime minister.’

Oh well that’s OK then. If the poor little posh boy who has failed miserably in gaining the respect and trust of the population is the one who has the final say on any kill order everything seems to be peachy. Personally I will stay firmly in Saelig Sussex well away from the demon politician of Downing Street.

Cameron’s Big Society, about which he has been quiet of late, obviously doesn’t extend to talking to the people who are about to have the Army based next door with SAM’s bolted to their roofs.




  1. Vicky says:

    What I’d like to know how they can be 100% sure, that any plane that doesn’t respond to Air Traffic Control, is definitely a terrorist threat. I guess the big passenger jets have good back up in the case of instrument failure, but do the small planes have the same?
    Who/what are they trying to protect if it came to this?
    As you say, this could have catastrophic consequences in such a densely populated area. A life is a life, whether that person is at the Olympic stadium, or sat minding their own business in a back garden somewhere else in London.

    • I guess they would say they were trying to protect the games. Being, perhaps, a little cynical I would say it was a way of diverting attention from some of the bad news around at the moment relating to Cameron and Hunt. If they really wanted to do this as a protective screen, it would be better if they didn’t tell anyone so potential bombers wouldn’t know where they were.

      I think also Cameron probably would love to be like the president in the movies, watching live time footage as the bad guy is taken out. Or is it just that once they have established the missile site they can leave it there forever to protect Dave and his chums, never mind about the proles slaving away in East London.

  2. alisonamazed says:

    Well, it was the report about the number of security persons in London exceeding the military deployed to Afghanistan that contributed to my final decision to get out of England. When I got back to Canada, one of the first things I read was news about the missiles. There are two armed forces bases here on Vancouver Island and everyone was up in arms some years ago about U.S. military subs in our waters. We are quite a peace loving bunch here in Canada and I recently saw a map that places all the hippies on Van Island where I am now living šŸ™‚ ..and you do know what one of the largest contributors to the B.C. economy is, don’t you? Odd – as I haven’t encountered any of that since I came back! But there’s been lots about the farmed salmon!

    • It is amazing isn’t it, what started as games of peace and a gathering of disparate peoples in goodwill has ended in ever increasing security.

      I did once serve with a Canuk, he was an officer on exchange, entirely different attitude to us Brits it seemed. The damned Americans seem to infect the world don’t they, must be difficult living so close. (I don’t necessarily mean the ordinary folk, just the consequences of political decisions.)

      So, Happy Hippie Vancouver Island, is there a pall of smoke hovering over where you live? šŸ˜‰

      • alisonamazed says:

        Well my mother chain smokes cigs and has already smoked the 200 duty free I brought – other than that, no smoke hanging in the air round me. My friends here are all the athletic type – this is the place where I became a triathlete and actually won some races! Actually went for a run yesterday šŸ™‚

      • I thought maybe it was a herbal substance that was contributing to the BC economy. I keep meaning to go for a run but the weather is still rubbish here and my arthritic knees don’t like it. I’ll have to sit in my polytunnel, plant seeds and drink homebrew instead!

      • alisonamazed says:

        It is a herbal substance! šŸ™‚ But just cause it’s here doesn’t mean I’m standing in a cloud of it šŸ™‚

      • No I just meant a congregation of hippsters, what is the collective noun a love of hippie’s? would probably generate a permanent all pervading happy cloud which they would share with the world. I know that you personally would never …

  3. I had three thoughts.
    1) Just an excuse to start off the gradual change into a paramilitary state
    2) The money could be better spent on enriching (British) peoples’ lives for good rather than extremely expensive preventive measure
    3) It’s interesting that so many police officers (and army as said) can be spared for this, especially given a) all the cuts in services and b) people have been complaining for years about lack of local policing (but I accept you know far more about that last one than I do).

    • Ohh, in order;
      1) maybe to beat the restless population into submission, are they really frightened of a coup d’etat and they now have an excuse to put the army on alert?
      2) Why would Dave and his chums want to spend money on us plebs? He and his cronies have, in Harry Enfield’s words, ‘Loadza Dosh’ but I agree, they could probably provide solar PV to most houses in the country for the same money as we waste on the ‘GAMES’ we are play obsessed.
      3) I suspect the Army will be territorials, they are already working in Afghan because there aren’t enough regular troops (they do a bloody good job too BTW). Don’t know much about local Policing anymore, my office used to cover just one local area, we now share responsibility for 50% of the county with two other ‘Hubs’. I know West Sussex isn’t as big as Yorkshire but it is big enough. Of course no crime occurs at night does it? That’s why they only have two detectives and one sergeant to cover the whole of the western half of the county. They are finding coppers from every force in the country to help the Met I believe. Fortunately I haven’t received any orders at this stage. Better shut up now this is another post isn’t it.

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