… and I’m not talking about the dinosaurs. It seems that the flora and fauna of the planet are dying in droves. Once the impact of humans reaches a tipping point, if we haven’t already, there is a danger of a chain reaction from which there will be no recovery. It seems to me that if we are using dying people in Bangladesh to make fat people thin (see previous post) then there is little chance that any government will care about a few dead plants or animals.

Last time the mass extinction was probably caused by an asteroid strike. This time it is a longer slower process caused by US.

Go here for an interesting clip:


  1. Wow – You are in a gloomy mood today!
    Of course mankind will die out and become part of the history of the planet (Earth today but whatever it is called in the future) but so long as it doesn’t happen in the next few years…
    Selfish of Grimsby!

    • My view would be not gloomy but realistic! Lets get the message out there and people power cam make something happen, the politico’s wont will they?

  2. I decided not to depress myself and listen to gloomy stuff being reinforced that I already now. Sticking my head in the sand, don’t think so, given some of my posts.

    Went to an excellent lecture in Gib about changes over the zillions of years, and the different ice ages and climate changes, but evolution is one thing and irresponsible destruction is another – and that to me is what we are doing. I don’t think eradicating our own species is a particular tragedy, but for everything else on earth, I don’t see why they should suffer for our sins (I could sound religious there). Imbalance of nature huh? The predatory greedy species gobbles up everything else – until there is nothing left to gobble up.

    • Beautifully expressed. I watched garbage warrior again yesterday, Mike Reynolds sees it as an issue of changing perceptions to save ‘his arse’.

      I do all I can and really don’t care if the chelsea set and their ilk all perish, the sad reality is it will be curtains for us all. But I know you know, preaching to the converted.

  3. alisonamazed says:

    You were once the unconverted Roy.

  4. […] Mass Extinction (fromthepigpen.wordpress.com) […]

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