Bexhill Bank Holiday

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So, an uplifting kind of day, peversely. This Bank Holiday The One and I were to take the Pickle and her beau out for the day. We rose at a reasonable time, The One and I that is. I pottered in the polytunnel, The One was baking, I sorted my garage, The One was still baking. We had coffee, no sign of Pickle or her beau.

11:30, the deathly silence of comotose 20 something’s oozed down our stairs like some thick mist seeking out the low spots to collect and expand. Sod this, let’s go. The rain drizzled as The One and I sallied forth, we were off to Rottingdean, a bracing walk on the seafront, perhaps lunch in one of the pubs, who knows we might be lucky and see some of the Coppers. No not the rozzering kind. The Copper Family are keepers of the Tradition in folk circle vernacular and sing traditional Sussex folk songs collected and sung by their family for generations. (ok stifled yawns!!)

Drizzle continues, The One, lets go to Bexhill, at least if it’s wet we can go the the De La Warr pavillion, there will be an exhibition on. Eastward we steer. I will now confess my sin of actually taking our car on this outing, I have however planted a tree or two to offset the carbon.

As we arrived at Bexhill, the unsung jewel of the south coast, the rain stopped, huzzah.

Still dull and damp. In my excitement that the rain had stopped I got the horizon all wrong. A wander through the town was called for. Wrapped against the stiff breeze and possibility of showers we set forth, the wind howled, for a short time, the skies cleared and miracle of all, the sun shone. Lunch taken at a little independent coffee shop come bakery we completed a circle along the sea front.

The old town, we had never been but lovely.

Yes the picture was taken on the same day! We discovered a little area of green. It was MayDay celebration. No marching bands and parading missiles here, just young people dancing round a maypole with funfair rides. I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to take pictures.

It just goes to prove that here in England, you should never let the weather deter you, hang around a bit and it will change for the better, usually.

We rounded out the day beachcombing at Cooden.

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  1. That looks so very English. Deserted seafronts, the odd cyclist, people warmly wrapped up.

    I have recently learned that they are no longer called bank holidays but public holidays. Perhaps to distract us from the facts that the banks are on one big jolly courtesy of the all too ordinary population?

    Did you find anything on the beach?

    • Ooh hadn’t thought of that, clever you πŸ˜‰

      Just some shells and some eroded brick to sharpen my garden tools with. Pickle was at the beach yesterday and came home with pebbles ans some small driftwood

  2. Vicky says:

    I can’t believe those pics were the same day, but the coast always seems to have more changing weather, unlike the land locked Midlands.

    • I do love Bexhill, like Brighton but smaller, a bit hip with independent shops and the Pavillion that does have some quite decent art exhibitions. Might move there when I retire.
      Pickle told us, when we got home the weather hadn’t been anywhere near as good inland (North of the Downs) as it had on the coast.

  3. The weather turned out great! Enjoyed the photos. If you are not keen on the horizon, that can always be tweaked, unless of course you prefer not to, seeing as how it shows your joy that the rain has stopped. πŸ™‚
    In my corner they are called statutory holidays (stats in everydayspeak). There is often a big gap between Jan 1 and Easter, which has traditionally been the next one, so beginning in 2013, Family Day (in mid-Feb) will become an official stat in BC (my home province), rain or shine.

  4. Love Bexhill and Cooden Beach – little jewels of the south coast!

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