Brighton Artist’s Open House

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Brighton, Leisure
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Saturday 5th May, Pickle, The One and your ‘umble servant made our way to Brighthelmstone (changed to Brighton because the name was too long for the Railways!) to have a fun day wandering round other people’s houses looking at art.


The houses were of all types, from the ridiculously large Edwardian detached mansion to the small terraced property (I far preferred the latter we visited complete with Victorian cast iron range!!)

The rain didn’t dampen our enthusiasm although the cold troubled Pickle who had ridiculed our heavy winter coats on leaving home. Experience winning over beauty and youth.

Not much more to say really except if you find yourself in Brighton this month, at a weekend, pick up a map (free) and go see.

In the first house we went to there were loads of these driftwood sculpture’s, a theme which continued through the day.

Quirky stuff to remind us where we were,

and one of my favourite pieces because the Green Man always makes me smile,


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And finally, nothing to do with the Artists but Spike is a hero so had to post this …

  1. What a great idea. Like the open gardens I guess. You’d have to clear the exhibition areas so the crims didn’t nick your stuff.

    • Yes like open gardens, must be a faff though as you’d have to move all your furniture for the hoards streaming through your front door.

      Strangely the small nickable items weren’t tied to anything. Maybe Crims don’t appreciate art!

  2. Vicky says:

    Have I read this correct, when you say houses, is that like Jo and Josephine Blogs’ house?

    Side tracking a bit, but have you ever been to the Black Country Museum? certainly worth a visit.

    • Certainly Jo and Josephine, not sure about Bloggs 😉
      It is just the homes of the artists that they open the doors to so Jo Public can nose around and hopefully buy stuff. Some of it was generic, most houses had the same princess egg cups in, but each house was showing more than one artists work. There was a studio or two and some galleries but we didn’t go there.
      Not been tot he Black Country museum, maybe one day.

  3. TheBigForest says:

    Interesting to read your review. We have blogged about the open houses over at TheBigForest too. Great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday in May!

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