Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa,

Roughseasinthenmed has written a blog which I just could not ignore. The comments are what got me going as the topics veered from WordPress cahnge to politics. I love this blogging thing.

The comments recommend the need for change in Politics to avoid ego-dictatorship (thanks Andrew made me think). Of course I agree. I mean who would want Cameron / Brown / Blair / Mugabe to preside over our daily lives forever? Our current parliamentary system is the result of many years development from imposed foreign rule (sorry talking UK and her institutions here). William the bastard came to these green and sceptered Isle’s with a trumped up claim to the throne. Why? Because at the time England was a very desirable piece of real estate. It produced far in excess of its own requirements and was therefore able to export. It art and metalworking was the finest in Europe. Politically the country had reached a stable and benign form of quasi democracy. Administration was locally based. Laws and punishments were recorded and developed locally, overseen by the king and his retinue. Claims in law could be settled efficiently. Land was shared and the populace lived in relative harmony with Lords and masters.

Service was part of life and owed to each souls individual master and ultimately to the king. The country was stable and all was roses in the garden.

Following the glorious victory at Stamford Bridge, the Aenglish force marched south to meet the bastard. It was not the pick of men who faced William that fateful day but the King’s retinue and those who he picked up along the way to replace the exhausted and battle scarred. At this point our history and political institutions changed, forever, for the worse.

Had William not invaded, had Harold not lost we could have continued with our benign political system. Our blood would not be diluted by Norse blood and Cameron and his cronies would not be where they are. So, … change is not always a good thing. But as we can’t turn back the clock we are left with voting someone in every five years or so without actually knowing anything about them. Bring back theΒ  witenagemot I say.

  1. You are talking about different types of change.

    Historical changes, so-called improvement/political changes (eg endless health service funding changes makes no difference to the outcome) and changing governments for a different political party are totally unrelated. IMO.

    • Probably but it gave me something to do! Just how my mind works jump from one to another, butterfly mind my mother calls it. πŸ˜‰

      • Mea culpa this time. i was being too analytical and categorising different types of change. No work today? Or is this um lunch break?

      • I have just started a 2 x 10 shift, BTW don’t get a ‘lunch’ or anything else break, they pay us so we can’t refuse to keep working πŸ™‚ I now have WP on my work machine though to try and keep an eye on what’s going on. I wasn’t allowed to march today, probably best as its raining … again.

  2. I did look at the time and noticed just after 2pm over where you are. Some shifts never change πŸ˜€ Just a bit surprised to see you on WP as soon as you had started!!

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