Tim DeChristopher…an American Hero

Posted: May 9, 2012 in climate change, common sense, economy, environment, pollution
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Tim DeChristopher…an American Hero.

I have nothing to add, we should all thank Tim for his efforts at trying to save our planet

  1. Ah the priorities of the judicial system. Always good to see that any crime against big money gets the appropriate sentence. Two years in the nick for that? Ridiculous. How about two years in the nick for all the corporate bankers for pretending to know what they are doing with peoples’ money? Or anyone guilty of animal abuse/cruelty/deaths? etc etc I would have thought a suspended sentence would have been far more appropriate.

    I see you aren’t doing too well in finding cheerful posts to write about 😦

    • No not at the moment, there is just so much inequality about. Trying to catch up today, I am doing a bank holiday post with snaps when I have made breakie. 😉

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