Following on from my last post, I am currently dealing with several matters which for obvious reasons I cannot discuss in detail. Suffice to say a victim of crime has been lucky. By sheer good fortune I have been able to recover some stolen property. The victim was happy, until he realised that he couldn’t get the property back until it had been forensically examined.

Of course, with fewer Police Officers and all the support staff, everything takes much longer. Our Forensic examiners are nothing like Dr Eve Lockhart. We don’t have on site labs where we can wander at will. The same examiner has to come and collect the item(s), transport them to a lab, deal with jobs happening real time with all the travel that involves and not work any overtime. Numbers have been slashed over the years.

A month after the property is recovered my victim still doesn’t have his property back because it cannot be examined. He feels let down, I feel I have let him down.

Smaller does not necessarily mean better.

  1. But you haven’t let him down have you? The system has. The politicians have. Maybe the people have.

  2. Vicky says:

    As roughseas has said, YOU personally haven’t let him down, but he’s not going to see it like that, because he won’t look any further than the front line where you are standing.
    On a similar scale, is the customer calling into a shop to collect an item that he’s ordered. The item hasn’t arrived, it is the shop assistant that bears the brunt of his anger, not head office, or the supplier that has failed to send it.

    • It’s like the cold calls on the telephone. I used to get quite cross but that is so unfair as they are just trying to earn a crust. But trying to placate a person who is justifiably peeved because of the lack of a workable system is always difficult and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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