The good ‘ole US of A. What a great country, everything revolves around the US. Nothing is more important than the wishes of the president and his people. American policy has made the world what it is and its about time the rest of us just said ‘Thank you’ very nicely and left them to it.

At least that’s what the American’s would like us to bel;ieve. Obama has been lecturing Europe on how to run it’s economy, in the best interests of America’s global domination policy. Now it seems the Pakistani’s have fallen foul of the US, … again.

Now, I don’t think the Pakistani government is the most transparant. But then I only see what the Western media (Murdoch and his cronies) want us to see. The added issue is that I do not view events in that region with local eyes. I have regular contact with people from the Indian sub continent, including Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sure, they are different to me in some ways, but there are more similarities than differences. If the government of any given country disagree’s with the US of A does it really mean they become the new ‘Dr Evil’. The US appear to be looking around for anyone who can fill the shoes of the evil Josef Stalin. Oh Dear.

If the US really cared about the world and the evil that men do, it could do much worse than to address the ill’s, the crimes against humanity that it has perpetrated. I am not talking about the odd murder, or even Slobodan Milosovic style genocide, these pale into insignificance when viewed against the crimes the US are responsible for. Agent Orange is one example. Rampant globalisation of brands leading to ever increasing destruction of our planet. Is there such a word as Planeticide? If not there should be and the US government and industry should be first in the dock rapidly followed by most Western governments, followed by the bit players like China India and Brazil.

Dear Uncle Sam, put your own house in order. If people of any nation choose to protest then all power to them. Just for clarity, I do not condone violent protest, Mahatma was more the man, with Dr King.



  1. And I get accused of being anti-American. Have you being reading mind or my blogs (Clouds, but roughseas on Armistice Day).

    Americans clearly do NOT understand the word Americacentric, the rest of the world, and leave people alone.

    As for agent orange, and the glorious pesticide culture from thenceforth?

    I could go on. I might as well just say, I totally agree with you.

    • Well, never been a fan of the all pervading US ness Coke, Pepsi, Marlborough, Wimpy McDonalds, Starbucks etc etc etc. I am shuffling over to the Med now, been very remiss lately, busy busy. I always refused to take my kids to the states, finally caved in fourteen or so years ago, like the open spaces but you can keep everything else!

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