Anti government protest

Posted: May 27, 2012 in big society, government
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Oh dear poor Mr Clegg, it seems that a group of people who disagree with austerity measures currently being implemented protested near Clegg Mansions. The incident was wholly peaceful it would appear.

The language of pro Cleggites is somewhat amusing to my jaundiced eye,

Louise Mensch, the Conservative MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire, took to Twitter to describe the demonstration as “intolerable bullying”.’

How does she think the GM (again with the GM) felt when faced by Police? How does she think ordinary citizens feel when they are effectively trapped in their own home by rampaging asbo ites?

The atmosphere at Clegg Towers was that of a street party with the protesters own children taking part

The MP’s who steal and cheat and take the people for granted and seem to believe we are all stupid appear shaken when people tell them to their face of the frustration. Clegg tries to make out that he has taken a laudable decision not to move, as he puts it behind the Whitehall Battlements. Lucky sod to have a choice of where to live! I would like to move from my ‘umble abode. Planning decisions have blighted the area, that is permanent not transitory like a wheelchair protest.  Travellers regularly disrupt our daily lives.  How would I like to remove myself behind some Whitehall Battlements at no cost, …

Mr Clegg, grow a pair. If you misrepresent the wishes of the people expect some fallout. You are lucky it does not include eggs and whitewash.


  1. I like the ‘intolerable bullying’ which of course governments never do. I like his desire to lead a normal life. The rest of us have that desire too. We might even achieve it if we didn’t have brainless govts. Anarchy is called for.

    • I know you think my posts are depressing but I have to say, I howled with laughter when I read the article, for the reasons you highlight.

      We will have to man the baracades, but not today it’s too hot. Aopathetic … moi?

      • Not really. It’s quite warm here too. When we came back through La Linea yesterday it was 27. My dashboard weather widget tells me it is only 20 but that is rubbish. It will be nearer 25. Is this a day off or late shift?

      • Late shift 😦 managed an hour at the allotment. I will take piccy’s tomorrow if the plants survive. Been super busy with lots of stuff going on at work, little time for anything at all.

        No idea what the temp is here officially but it’s 27 in my porch!

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